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Track your affiliate campaigns with Voluum Ad Tracker. Record impressions, visits, clicks and conversions with our link tracking software to optimize your ads.

The main purpose of Voluum, in its broadest sense, is to track and manage information. This information includes

  • Events: Impressions, Visits, Clicks, and Conversions.

  • Visit characteristics: Visitor-generated information passed from a traffic source or obtained by Voluum on its own that characterize visit, such as country, device info, cost, payout and more.

Voluum records this data to help you learn more about your visitors, gain insights into your campaign performance and optimize your campaigns' setup, but only if you set up Voluum correctly.


In order to get that information, you need to set up Voluum correctly. The basic setup has already been covered in the Getting Started guide. The following set of articles describes extensively all methods of tracking events and exchanging information between platforms, like between a traffic source and Voluum, or between Voluum and an affiliate network.Standard Guide

Event types

Voluum tracks different types of actions, executed by visitors, called events, as understood by Voluum.

Track with a redirect method

This is a classic method that redirects a visitor through Voluum servers. Because of that, you can use a lot of path-altering options, such as rule-based paths, weights, A/B testing or AI. However, it may not be compliant with every traffic source.

Track with a direct method

A direct method of tracking is an industry response to challenges caused by a redirect method of tracking.

  • The direct method is compliant with all traffic sources requirements, as there is no redirect in the middle.

  • It is faster than a redirect method.

  • The downside is that you cannot rotate landers or offers in case of an offer-only campaign or use rule-based paths or AI, because the visit to a lander is reported to Voluum retroactively.

Scenarios of using different tracking methods

You can use different tracking methods for each transition that a visitor goes

Redirect modes

Redirect modes determine, firstly, how redirection to the offer (campaign endpoint) is handled and secondly, whether referrer data is passed through or not. 

Add various elements to Voluum

A Voluum campaign consists of several specific elements that are defined by an advertiser to firstly, organize the reporting of third-party data, and secondly, to determine the destination of their targeted traffic.

Conversion tracking

Setting up tracking conversions is a good practice.

  • Tracking conversions will allow you to know how much money you have earned.

  • It is the best indicator about how your campaigns are performing.

  • With conversion tracking set you can also use Voluum AI to manage traffic distribution in your campaigns.

How Voluum passes information

You can pass information about visit characteristics:

  1. From a traffic source to Voluum

  2. From Voluum to an affiliate network

  3. From affiliate network back to Voluum

  4. From Voluum to a traffic source

Track cost and payout

Tracking numbers of different event types is only half of the picture. Apart from knowing, HOW MANY events were generated in your campaigns you should also want to know HOW MUCH did those events cost and HOW MUCH you have earned thanks to them. Ultimately, it all comes down to the cost and profit ratio.

Advanced tracking

The advanced tracking options let you customize and adjust several tracking options to match your business needs.

Working with Voluum

Learn about cool easy-to-use features that can help you with your day-to-day work in Voluum.

Advanced guides

Read our helpful guides that will allow you to get the most out of Voluum.