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Conversion Status

Voluum can upload conversions via API to certain traffic sources integrated via the Automizer. For now, these sources are:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)

To make sure that conversions have been uploaded successfully, Voluum allows you to check the status of each conversion. You can get the following information about each conversion:

  • Postback timestamp
  • Payout
  • External ID
  • Status

Where to Find the Conversion Status?

The conversion status can be found by going into the Automizer tab, then to Traffic sources. In the table below, there is the Last update column where you should click the Conversions button.

How the Conversion Statuses Are Reported?

Voluum makes 3 attempts to send conversion information. If the first attempt fails, Voluum tries again, and then for the third time. The time intervals between the attempts may differ between traffic sources and may depend on the error type.

If the conversion status is "Failed", you will get general information about the probable reasons. Go to Error Log to learn more about the problem and possible solutions.

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