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Adding a custom domain (old setup)

I. Configure the Custom Domain on the Provider's Side

Go to your provider of the custom domain and perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare your custom domain, for example
  2. Then, create a subdomain for the primary domain:
  3. For the created subdomain configure the CNAME record: set up a CNAME record (called also CNAME alias) on the subdomain pointing to your Voluum domain.
  4. (If available) Set the Time to live (TTL) number for the CNAME record to the minimum value – this will help the DNS settings propagate quicker.

II. Set up the Custom Domain in Voluum

To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Add a custom domain.

    1. In Voluum, go to the Settings page.
    2. Go to the Domains tab. You will see all the Voluum domains assigned to your account.
    3. Click the Add custom domain button.

    4. Make sure that you have followed the instructions and click the Next button.

    5. Provide the name of your custom subdomain, for example
    6. (Optional) Select a Private Workspace that this domain will be assigned to or leave it blank to keep this domain in the Public Workspace.
    7. Click the Verify & save button.

    8. Once the domain's settings are fully propagated, the  icon will show up in the domain's field.
  2. Set a custom domain as your main domain.

    1. Go to the above Main domain section. Select the custom subdomain from the drop-down menu.

      Voluum Info: The main domain is used as a domain while generating campaign, click, and tracking pixel URLs. In one campaign funnel all those URLs need to be set with the same domain. Once you have selected the domain from the drop-down menu, the domain name will be automatically set up in all campaigns, click, tracking pixel URLs in the Voluum platform.

    2. Click the Save button. You have added the custom domain to Voluum.

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