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Step 2: Learn Your Audience

Once you have started running campaigns, give them some time. Wait to gather some data. Give people a chance to get familiar with your offers. Traffic might fluctuate during the course of the day and your potential visitors might be in different time zones. Don't expect that you will start profiting right away. Allow some learning period. Be prepared to spend some money on the campaign just to see how it performs with your current setup.

  • Wait until you get a significant amount of traffic. It is not straightforward to say how long you should wait and what volume constitutes a good sample - you need to assess it by yourself. You need to gather so many events that each of their types (impressions, visits, clicks, conversions) are comparable for campaigns of the same type. For example, you might compare the performance of campaigns promoting different nutrition products. Check the Dashboard panel to get a total number of visits, clicks, and conversions for all your running campaigns.

    • Do not switch offers frantically. Use multiple offers of one type in one campaign and compare their performance with each other. Change offers' and landers' weights to distribute traffic to more performing elements

    • Test different hypothesis. Use rule-based paths to target more specific audience, that might be more prone to taking your offer. 

    Test Fearlessly

    Every campaign type has its type, so every time you start a new one with a new vertical or in another geo, you need to learn again. Dedicate part of your budget for just  for testing different settings.

    • Create a campaign just for testing to see what works. Test how your offers and landers perform, experiment with different traffic retargeting options.
    • Buy traffic from different platforms and check, which one delivers an audience that responds best to your offers.

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