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I. Outside Voluum

There are several things you should prepare outside Voluum before setting up tracking:

A. An active Facebook Ads account

Set up a new Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) account with correct payment information, if you don't have one already.

  • If you don't have any campaigns running, you can set them up after you set up tracking
  • If you already have campaigns running, you will have to switch the destination link after you set up tracking

As Facebook does not allow redirects, you should use a direct method. This requires:

  • Putting a direct tracking script in a landing page, if you plan to use one.
  • Putting a direct tracking script on an offer page, if you plan to link directly to your offer page.

Adding a direct tracking script to a page is described in the next step.

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B. (Optional) A store page set using ecommerce platform such as Shopify

Ecommerce marketers often use platforms that offer an option to set their whole store with just a few clicks. Such platforms usually don't have an option to edit store's web page code, so implementing Voluum direct tracking script is not possible. There are two options for marketers that want to use platforms like Shopify:

  • Switch to a redirect method of tracking. However, this means that you won't be able to use Facebook or Google to advertise your campaigns, as they don't allow for redirects.
  • Use an external landing page that you put between an ad and your store's page. You can then implement a direct tracking script in this page's code and link to your product from that page.

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C. Set your offer pages

If you aren't using Shopify to host your offers, set them up manually and have offer links accessible for quick reference.

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D. (Optional) Set your landing pages

A landing page set and publicly available on the Internet, if you plan to use one. You can link to your offers directly, without a landing page but you will have to implement a direct script for offers on an offer page. As we have said, this is impossible if you use Shopify to host your offers.

Landing pages offer additional advantages:

  • More space for advertising content
  • Advertising additional offers
  • Traffic qualification in the form of quizzes or surveys

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E. (Optional) Verify a domain for passing conversions

If you want to pass conversion information from Voluum to Facebook, you need to verify a domain that you own in Facebook. This is because Facebook accepts conversions only from verified domains.

  1. Go to your Business Manager Account, then go to Settings / Brand Safety / Domains or just click the following link:
  2. Add your domain.
  3. Select one of three methods of verifying your domain:

    • Add a meta tag. You need to edit your main landing page's HTML file an add a special tag.
    • Upload an HTML verification file (this is the fastest method). Download a special verification FTM file from Facebook and upload it to your page's root directory.
    • Verify by DNS (this is the easiest method)

    You can find additional information here:

  4. Verify your domain.

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