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Sample Report: Proxy

The proxy report allows you to see if your traffic uses various proxy solutions to hide their origin. The use of a proxy can also indicate non-human traffic. Analyzing proxy traffic may also help you to be compliant with various affiliate networks' regulations, as some of them can withhold a payout if proxy traffic has been detected.

Pricing plan availability: This feature is available on all pricing plans.

There are the following possible proxy values in Voluum:

  • Anonymous: IP address is not available.
  • Transparent: IP address is available, but may not be reliable
  • Hosting: IP address belongs to a hosting facility, and it is likely to be a proxy.
  • Corporate: Multiple users are proxied through a central location or locations, and thus share a single network-apparent IP address.
  • Public: Multiple users proxied from a location allowing public Internet access.
  • Edu: Proxied users from an educational institution.
  • ?: Not determined to be a proxy.

Creating a Proxy Report

In order to create a proxy report, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, select the Proxy option from the Connection drop-down menu.
  2. Analyze traffic in terms of a type of proxy used.

You can also use proxy information as a condition to create a rule-based path. In order to learn more, read the Adding a Rule-Based Path article.

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