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Step 1: Set up a Campaign in a Smart Way

There is no smart campaign optimization without a smart setup. Both of them are the foundation of a profitable campaign. Don't wait for later! Your campaigns might grow really fast, and there won't be any time for fixes.

  • Configure your traffic source element to pass as much information about a visitor as possible. Traffic sources added from a template are already configured to track everything they can, but while adding a custom one, you will have to take care of it yourself. Go through our guides to learn how to set up a traffic source as a campaign element and what information can be passed from the traffic source platform.

  • Track impressions, if only your traffic source platform allows it. Tracking impressions in Voluum is free, meaning that impressions do not deplete your pricing plan's event quota. Impressions are important when brand recognition plays a bigger part than conversion. It can also tell you how attractive your ad is, how well it persuades visitors to click it - just check the iCTR metric in your reports.

  • Name your campaign elements in a meaningful way. Finding correct information is everything. Don't waste time trying to remember what a particular campaign was about. Use emojis while naming your campaign elements, use tags to enhance search capabilities, use Workspaces or an affiliate network element to group elements by verticals or other criteria.

  • Test each campaign's configuration in order not to waste traffic on a faulty setup. Sometimes a small error might cause all your traffic running into a wall. Testing will take only a few moments, but it will save you both time and money. Read the Testing guide to learn how to test your campaign setup:

  • If possible, always track conversions. They carry the most important information: how successful you are. If you want to optimize your campaigns, you need to know whether the campaign settings work or not. Conversions tell you just that. With conversions tracked, you can also use advanced features such as Traffic Distribution AI / AI+.

  • Use landing pages in your campaign funnel. Utilize extra space to add additional incentives, like text or creatives. Set up your landing pages in a way that resonates best with your visitor: have them in different language versions and show appropriate version based on visitor's language, display dynamic content based on visitor's characteristics (for example, a message that says "Hello, iPhone user"), present other offers that may be more attractive to a visitor than the original one. Use fast servers for your landing page - slow page load might discourage users from waiting for your offer.

  • Benefit from integrating you Voluum and Zeropark accounts to manage your Zeropark campaigns directly from Voluum. Track your campaigns automatically, change bid adjustment for campaign or selected keywords, pause and resume campaigns, override your daily budget and more.

  • Think for a moment if you want to collaborate with your associates on your campaigns. Outline what do you want them to see and what kind of contribution you expect from them. Start using the Workspaces feature smartly, because moving your campaign elements between Workspaces after your funnels grow might be complicated. Assign your campaign elements to either Private or Public Workspaces and invite your associates to your account with a role assigned,

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