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Scale up Guide Step 1: Be Efficient

In this step, you will learn how to work in a smart way. This is important because working efficiently means being able to handle a heavier workload. And earn more money. By smart work we mean:

  • Segregate your content to quickly find and manage campaign elements or stats.
  • Divide your workload between your co-workers.
  • Reduce the number of clicks required to create or edit elements.
I. Use Workspaces

Workspaces are working zones that store campaign elements and their stats. By default, you have one Public Workspace and one Private Workspace on your account. Each element can be assigned to one Workspace only. You can create more Private Workspaces to segregate your campaign funnels by:

  • Verticals
  • Campaign Type
  • Others

How the segregation works:

Workspaces segregate your content by keeping campaign funnels from different Private Workspaces separated from each other. Due to the potentially sensitive nature of data they hold, campaign elements can be assigned to Private Workspaces only and can use other elements (such as offers, landers and so on) from the same Private Workspace or from the Public Workspace. This means that, for example, you cannot use offers assigned to the Private Workspace A in your campaign that is assigned to the Private Workspace B. However, elements assigned to the Public Workspace can be used in every campaign.

The distinction between the Private and Public Workspace will become apparent when they will be used in conjunction with the Multi-User feature, which is described in paragraph III of this guide.

1. Creating Workspaces

In order to create additional Private Workspaces, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the button to go to Settings.
  2. Go to the Collaboration tools tab.
  3. Click the Add private workspace button.
  4. Provide the name of your Workspace in the Private workspace name text field.
  5. Click the Save button.

  6. Repeat the process until you created the desired number of Workspaces.

2. Assigning elements to Private Workspaces

  1. In Voluum, create any element such as campaign, offer, traffic source, flow, lander or affiliate network.
  2. By default, all elements apart from campaigns are assigned to the Public Workspace. Select the appropriate Private Workspace from the Workspace drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Save button.

Assign your campaign elements to the desired Workspaces according to your selected criteria.

3. Selecting Workspaces to view

You can select which particular Private Workspace you want to see and work on at the given moment.

  1. In Voluum, click the All Workspaces button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Leave the boxes checked next to one or more Workspaces that you want to see. Unchecked Workspaces will be hidden.
  3. Click the Apply button.

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II. Work With Others

Scaling up might require hiring additional people. If you do, you might not want to share some of your financial or sensitive data with them. That's when the Multi-User feature comes into play: you create sub-accounts for your co-workers and manage their access to your account.

It is understandable that you might not want to share all your stats with others. Luckily, Workspaces and Multi-User feature work in tandem to allow you to define the level of access for each invited Voluum user.

Availability: While the Workspaces feature is available on all pricing plans, the Multi-USer feature is available on the Profit pricing plan and above.

Understanding the difference between the Private and Public Workspace

Users with the Worker role that you invite to cooperate on your account have to be assigned to at least one Private Workspace. This prohibits them from seeing elements and stats from other Private Workspaces. However, they can still access elements from the Public Workspace. The Public Workspace is shared among all account users.

Understanding roles

Account owner

The person that originally created the Voluum account. Has full access and full control. There can be only one Account Owner in the account.


This user has almost the same level of access as an Account Owner, apart from billing details. There can be more than one Admin in the account.


This user has access to one or more Private Workspaces and to public Workspaces. Lacks most of the account settings options. There can be more than one Worker in the account.

1. Inviting new users to your account

When the need for hiring new people arises, you can invite them as Workers or Admins. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the button to go to Settings.
  2. Go to the Collaboration tools tab.
  3. Go to the Multi-User tab.
  4. Click the Invite user button.
  5. Provide an email address in the Email text field.
  6. Select between the Worker and Admin roles by clicking the appropriate radio button.
  7. (Optional) If you have selected the Worker role, you need to assign that person to one or more Private Workspaces. Select desired Workspace(s) from the Assign private workspace drop-down menu.
  8. Click the Invite user button. An invitation email with a special link will be sent to this email address.

  9. The invited user has the Pending status.

2. Responding to an invitation

The invitation has been sent to the email address provided. In order to respond to the invitation and create the sub-account in Voluum, the invited user has to perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Accept invitation link in the email message from Voluum.
  2. Create the password and click the Next button.
  3. Provide a name and the last name, phone number and click the re-captcha test.
  4. Sign in to the account.

A user with the Worker role will see only the contents of the selected Private Workspace(s) and Public Workspace.

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III. Work In Bulk

Sometimes you may need to edit or add several elements to Voluum. Doing so manually would require a tremendous number of clicks. To ease your work, Voluum provides you with the Bulk Actions feature. It allows you to manipulate large amounts of data in a CSV file editor and then upload changes to Voluum.

Editing offers

Consider the example situation where you host all your 26 landing pages on one server. And you have just decided to enable an SSL certificate on this server. Doing so would normally require changing protocols in all lander URLs manually. Luckily, with the Bulk Actions feature, you can introduce changes to several elements at once.

1. Export landers to CSV

For the first step, you need to export your lander data to a file in the CSV format. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Offers tab.
  2. Click the Bulk actions button and select the Export all landers option.

  3. Click the Yes, export landers button.

  4. Save the CSV file somewhere on your hard drive.
  5. Make a backup copy of the saved file.

2. Open and edit the CSV file

  1. Open the downloaded file in any CSV file editor, such as Microsoft Excel.

  2. In Microsoft Excel, use the Ctrl + H shortcut to bring up the Find and Replace pop-up window.
  3. Type the "http" phrase in the Find what text field and the "https" replacement phrase in the Replace with text field.
  4. Click the Replace all button.

  5. The links have been replaced. Save changes made to this file.

3. Import edited landers to Voluum

  1. In Voluum, in the Landers tab, click the Bulk actions and select the Import edited landers option.

  2. Click the Start importing button.
  3. Drag and drop the edited CSV file into the Drag and drop a file here field.
  4. Click the Import button.

That was it. Instead of 26 edits you have managed to do everything in bulk with just a few clicks. You can edit up to 250 elements at once using this method.

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