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Offer Cap

Affiliate networks sometimes limit the number of conversions or clicks that you can have for a certain offer. The Offer Cap feature permits you to set a daily limit of conversions or clicks as well as choose the redirect offer. Without the need of monitoring it and manually switching between offers, you will not lose your traffic when the affiliate network’s limit is exceeded. 

How Does It Work?

With the Offer cap toggle activated, you are able to set a daily number of conversions or clicks according to your affiliate network limits. When the limit is exceeded during the day, visitors will be automatically redirected to the offer provided as the redirect offer.

Caps are based on the maximum number of conversions or clicks per day. This means that the cap resets upon a new day and automatically redirects traffic back to the primary offer at midnight based on the selected time zone. You are able to define the time zone to match the one used by an affiliate network (as the daily cap should follow your affiliate network’s time settings).

Click caps counts all entrances to the offer. So if you offer is used in two paths, one with direct linking and the other with a lander, it will work as in the example below:

  1. path 1: ad -> offer, 2 visits
  2. path 2: ad -> lander -> offer, 1000 visits, 2 clicks.

This will add up to 4 clicks for the click cap.

Conversion cap requirements

  • Track conversions, so Voluum will be able to detect when a conversion limit has been reached. Read the Track Conversions to learn more.
  • Have a redirect offer added to Voluum. Read the Add an Offer to Voluum to learn more.

Click cap requirements

  • Have a landing page that redirects visitors to an offer or use direct linking with a redirect method of tracking. In the latter case, without the landing page in the campaign funnel, Click cap will take into the account the number of visits, as clicks are not tracked in this scenario.
  • Have a redirect offer added to Voluum. Read the Add an Offer to Voluum to learn more.

Direct method of tracking is only allowed for the first transition (ad -> landing page). the visitors have to be redirected to an offer through Voluum, so it can apply a Click cap rule.

I. Add an Offer with a Cap

In order to an offer with a cap, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to Offers.
  2. Click the Create button and select the Offer option from a drop-down menu.

  3. Fill all required fields and set all the necessary options as described in the Add an Offer to Voluum article.
  4. Set the Offer cap toggle to on.
  5. Select either the Click cap or Conversion cap radio buttons.

    Voluum Note: Mind that you cannot select both caps simultaneously.

  6. Click here to learn more:

    Provide the number of conversions or clicks per day in the Daily cap field.


    Voluum Tip: If you have an offer that is temporarily unavailable and you need to redirect your traffic to the new offer, you can set the Daily cap of conversion to 0. This will pause traffic coming to this offer and redirect it to the redirect offer.

    In the Offers view there is a Conversion cap column where you can verify how many conversions are registered for the redirect offer without registering conversions for the primary offer:

    Conversion cap activated:

    Daily cap limit set to 0: When you have paused the primary offer and redirected your visitors to another offer, you will see 0 / 0 in the column for the primary offer. If the redirect offer has the Conversion cap option disabled, there will be no statistics displayed for this offer.

  7. Select a time zone of the affiliate network from the Time zone drop-down menu.

    Voluum Note: You need to take into account that daily cap limit in Voluum resets upon a new day based on the time zone selected from the Time zone drop-down menu. To count conversions accurately, the daily cap time zone in Voluum should match the time zone set in your affiliate network.

  8. From the Redirect offer drop-down menu select the offer to which the traffic should be redirected after the daily conversion limit is exceeded.

  9. Click the Save button. You have added the offer with the daily conversion limit.

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II. Take a Look at the Conversion Cap Data

Once the offer has been set up, you can take a look at your data collected in Voluum:

Voluum Info: When you take a look at your data in Voluum, you need to keep in mind that you might need to wait a few minutes until, firstly, the conversion cap progress bar will show up in the Offers view, secondly, all registered conversions are displayed in the reporting panel. However, the time lag of displaying conversions should not be longer than 3 minutes.

In the Offers view there is a Conversion cap column where you can verify the daily cap status of your offers:

  • Conversion cap disabled:

    When you have not turned on the Conversion cap toggle for a given offer, it means that all your visitors will see only the primary offer. In that case, you will see no statistics in the Conversion cap column.

  • Conversion cap activated:

    Daily cap limit set > 0: You should see:

    Number of conversions that have been registered till now / Daily cap limit

    (both numbers are displayed only for today where today is defined according to the affiliate network time zone set in the Offer setup)

  • Daily cap reached:

    You can easily notice that the number of conversions that have been registered till now has reached the Daily cap limit (both numbers are displayed only for today where today is defined according to the affiliate network time zone set in the Offer setup).

  • Daily cap limit set to 0 (offer paused):

    When you have paused the primary offer and redirected your visitors to another offer, you will see 0 / 0 in the column for the primary offer.

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Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have more questions about the conversion cap? You might find the answer below:

Is there any limit of offers in the chain?

Yes, there is. You can have maximum 10 offers in the redirection chain. If there is a loop of offers that point to each other and daily caps for all the offers in the loop are exceeded, conversions will be added to the primary offer in the loop.

What will happen when I change the limit of daily conversions, Daily cap, in the offer's configuration while the campaign is running?

If you change the daily conversion limit in the Daily cap field, the change is immediately applied to the campaign funnel's configuration. In other words, if the newly updated limit allows to add more conversions to the primary offer, all traffic will point to that offer until the daily cap limit is going to be exceeded. Otherwise, visitors will see the redirect offer.

My Conversion cap status is 152/150 what means there have been more conversions that I had set in the Daily cap limit. Could you explain why?

Sometimes you might see the number of conversion exceeding daily cap limit.

When the daily cap has been reached, new visitors will be redirected to the redirect offer. However, some visitors can make the conversions much later than the daily cap is activated what might result that the limit is surpassed.

What happens when I add conversions to Voluum manually?

If you upload conversions using the Conversion upload option in the Voluum's settings, the conversions will not be included in the daily cap limit.

What to do in case of traffic overload?

When there is a sudden increase of traffic, you might experience some delays on triggering the redirection to the other offer. However, the delay should not be larger than 5 minutes.

What is a conversion cap?

A conversion camp is a limit put by an offer owner in an affiliate network that states the maximum number of conversions allowed per day. Any conversions above this limit will be rejected by an affiliate network. The cap resets daily. Conversion cap can be managed in Voluum by the Offer cap feature, which allows you to redirect traffic to an alternative offer when set cap is reached in order not to waste traffic.

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