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Conversion Upload

Conversion Upload is a feature that allows you to manually upload conversions that, for some reasons, occurred but weren't registered by Voluum. You can also use this feature to correct any discrepancies in revenue between Voluum and your affiliate network platform's reporting system or upload offline conversions. You can add additional parameters, such as conversion type or transaction ID to every upload.

Voluum Note: The maximum number of conversions that you can upload is limited to 50,000 per hour.

Use Cases

Use case 1: Add conversions that occurred but were not registered by Voluum.

However unlikely, it may happen that there are some conversions visible in your affiliate network platform but not registered in Voluum. This may happen due to improper postback URL configuration or cookies were disabled on a visitor's web browser when a conversion tracking pixel was used to report a conversion.

In such a case, a click ID parameter was still associated with those visits. Locate those click IDs in your affiliate network platform's reports and upload each click ID with a correct payout value and, optionally, other parameters. The number of conversions and the overall revenue will increase to include those uploaded conversions. 

Use case 2: Correct your overall revenue by deducting a specific payout value.

If you have set a manual payout value in an offer's settings and that value was not correct, you will see a discrepancy in your revenue reported by your affiliate network platform and Voluum. Changing this value to the proper one fixes this issue for the future, but you have to correct this discrepancy as well. 

You can change your revenue by making a single conversion upload with a payout value that compensates this difference. You can provide a negative payout value as well to deduct from Voluum's reported revenue. Normally this would not only correct your revenue, but it also would increase a conversion count by one. To keep your stats nice and tidy, we recommend adding a custom conversion event called "correction", "upload" or similar, with the Include in "Conversions" column box unchecked and then uploading a click ID value with this conversion type included. This will correct your revenue but keep the conversion count unchanged.

Use case 3: Upload offline conversions

Offline conversions are those that happened in the real world. These usually include sales that occurred in brick-and-mortar stores. Such conversions do not have the click ID value generated for them but you can attribute them to a specific campaign and a lander, offers, flow or path.

For more information about conversions without click ID, read the Registering Conversions Without Click IDs article.

How It Works

Uploading a conversion uses the same logic as receiving a postback from an affiliate network. It requires submitting a valid click ID or, if no click ID is available, a campaign ID. The click ID you submit has to match the click ID that was originally assigned to a visitor. So in order to perform a conversion upload you have to find click ID or click IDs in Voluum reports.

Where to find a click ID?

In order to find a click ID, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Conversions category.
  2. Select a date range and click the Apply button.
  3. Locate a click ID to be submitted in the Click ID column and copy it to clipboard.

The values you upload will be permanently registered in Voluum in a form of increased conversions count and revenue.

Conversions with no click ID

When you want to upload conversions without click IDs, you can leave the appropriate field blank and include a campaign ID. Example:

Note that you can specify a conversion currency for conversions without click ID. If a click ID is present, specifying a conversion currency is not allowed.

Uploading unique click IDs

Each click ID value is unique and, by default, it can be registered only once. This means that if a click ID has already been used to report a conversion, it cannot be used to upload a conversion. So either you have to locate click IDs that were not used to report a conversion or look to add additional parameters to the upload.

Uploading Conversions

In order to upload a conversion, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to Advanced tab.
  2. Click the Conversion upload tab.

  3. Provide a one entry per line in the Conversion upload text field in the format:

    • For conversions with click ID: 1. Click ID, 2. Payout, 3. Transaction ID, 4. Conversion Type, 5. Conversion Time, 6. leave empty, 7. Payout currency, 8. Param 1, 9. Param 2, 10, Param 3, 11. Param 4, 12. Param 5

      Minimum requirement - Click ID only (for example c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6U)

    • For conversions without click ID: 1. leave empty, 2. Payout, 3. Transaction ID, 4. Conversion Type, 5. Conversion Time, 6. Campaign ID, 7. Payout currency, 8. Param 1, 9. Param 2, 10, Param 3, 11. Param 4, 12. Param 5, 13. Offer ID, 14. Lander ID, 15. Flow ID, 16. Path ID, 17. Custom Var 1, 18. Custom Var 2, 19. Custom Var 3, 20. Custom Var 4, 21. Custom Var 5, 22. Custom Var 6, 23. Custom Var 7, 24. Custom Var 8, 25. Custom Var 9, 26. Custom Var 10 27, External ID, 28. External ID type

      Minimum requirement: campaign ID only (for example ,,,,,22899e12-b07e-4e9f-a5ef-cb10c56ca363)


    • click ID is the value of a click ID that was originally associated with a visit. Incorrect click IDs will be rejected. Example of a correct click ID: c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6U. To learn more, read the Parameters in Postback URLs article.
    • payout (optional) is a value of payout for this conversion. It is provided in a numerical format without any additional characters. May be of a negative value. Example: 1.2. To learn more, read the Tracking Payouts article.
    • transaction ID (optional) is a value unique within a click ID that is helpful to recognize secondary conversion steps (called upsells). Example: abc123. To learn more, read the Upselling: Tracking Subsequent Conversions article.
    • conversion type (optional) is a value that helps to distinguish different conversions types in your reports from each other. Example: app_install or correction. To learn more, read the Custom Conversions article.
    • conversion time (optional) allows you to assign a time of conversion. If not provided, a time of the upload will be used. Uses ISO-8601 time format with our without offset. Example: 2011-12-03T10:15:30+01:00, 2011-12-03T10:15:30.000+01:00, 2011-12-03T10:15Z, 2011-12-03T10:15:30Z, 2011-12-03T10:15:30.000Z
    • Campaign ID is a identifier of a concrete campaign. You can find it by showing the 'Campaign ID' column in Voluum reports. The campaign ID value is always required when uploading conversions without click IDs, even if you include IDs of other elements, such as offer or lander.
    • Lander, Offer, Path, Flow IDs (optional) are identifiers of those elements. Including them in conversions that are uploaded without a click ID attributes these conversions to those elements, what allows you to have more accurate reports. You can find the IDs by enabling the appropriate columns in Voluum reports.
    • Param1-5 (optional) give you the option to include additional information with your upload.
    • Custom var 1-10 (optional) allows you to attribute Voluum custom variables with your upload.
    • External ID (optional) allows to pass a traffic source click ID value. This is mainly used when Google Ads on some iOS devices cannot pass GCLID value but passed WBRAID or GBRAID values instead. You can use this to pass these values and specify value type using External ID type.
    • External ID type (optional) allows to pass the type of external ID (in case of Google Ads: either GBRAID or WBRAID). In some rare cases when a custom traffic source supports various external ID types, you can simply provide here a TS parameter name for external ID in your traffic sources settings.

    Voluum Note: Each value must be separated with a comma. You do not need to provide all values, but when you are adding some values, keep the commas for the missing values. So, if you want to upload a conversion without a click ID, you have to start with a comma instead of a click ID value. For example: ,10.0,,install,,22899e12-b07e-4e9f-a5ef-cb10c56ca363

    • Example 1: Uploading a conversion without additional values:

      • Provide a click ID value only: c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6U
      • This increases a conversion count by 1 and adds a payout value to the revenue according to your settings in an offer element setup. If you have set payout tracking in your offer element setup to Manual and set a payout value to 1, it will add 1 to your revenue. If you have set payout tracking in your offer element setup to Auto, no value will be added to your revenue.
    • Example 2: Uploading a conversion with a payout value.

      • Provide a click ID value and a payout value, separated by a comma: c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6U,0.75
      • This increases the conversion count by 1 and adds 0.75 to the revenue.
    • Example 3: Correcting a payout value for a specific conversion type:

      • Provide a click ID value, payout value that corrects your total payout (can be a positive or negative value), and a conversion type name: c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6U,-50,,app_install
      • This subtracts 50 from your revenue for the "app_install" conversion type. If you have checked the Include in "Conversions" column box in this custom conversion event setup, the conversion count will increase by 1. If you have not checked the Include in "Conversions" column box in this custom conversion event setup, the conversion count will remain unchanged.
    • Example 4: Uploading a conversion without a click ID but with payout currency.

      • Provide a campaign ID and a payout currency: ,,,,,22899e12-b07e-4e9f-a5ef-cb10c56ca363,EUR
      • This uploads a single conversion to the 22899e12-b07e-4e9f-a5ef-cb10c56ca363 campaign in EUR currency with payout value 0.
  4. Click the Save button.

  5. Confirm the upload in a pop-up window by clicking the Yes, upload conversions button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

How to manually upload conversions?

Use the Conversion upload feature. Provide conversions in separate lines following this order:

1. ClickID, 2. Payout, 3. Transaction ID, 4. Conversion Type, 5. Conversion Time, 6. leave empty, 7. Payout currency, 8. Param 1, 9. Param 2, 10. Param 3, 11. Param 4, 12. Param 5

Even, if you don't have a part of those data, you need to keep all the commas in the string, so Voluum knows how to match the incoming data. Also, if you have already registered a conversion for one of those click IDs that you are about to upload, it's good to add a dummy transaction ID to the string so Voluum won't reject the incoming conversion due to the recognition of a duplicate.

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