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Multi-User: Overview

The Multi-User feature allows an Account Owner to invite other users to collaborate with each other on the Voluum account. Users might have one of three roles:

Account Owner:  A user who has originally registered an account in Voluum. This person has all available permissions.

Admin: A user that has most of the permissions of an Account Owner, apart from access to the payment details, and to inviting other Admins. The main duty of an Admin is to manage and distribute a workload among Workers.

Worker: A user that has privileges limited only to the Private Workspace that the person was originally assigned to by an Account Owner or Admin.

Read-only user: A user without edit privileges can only see stats and entities from an assigned Private Workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

How does Voluum remove Workers accounts when I downgrade?

Users that exceed your downgraded pricing plan limit will be removed starting from pending invitations and then moving to the most recently added.

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