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Being a Read-only user in Voluum

The following article is intended mainly for Read-only users.

Multi-User allows inviting your associates to collaborate with each other on a daily basis on one account. The Multi-User feature works only in conjunction with the Workspaces feature, which allows creating complex campaign management structures, where users occupy different positions, and have a different level of access to Workspaces. The Read-only user is assigned to at least one Private Workspace where this person can view entities and relevant data in columns that were not hidden from them.

Your Role

The below image visualizes user hierarchy in Voluum after turning on the Multi-User feature.

As a Read-only user, you can get limited access to one or more Private Workspaces. Limited access means that you cannot create any new entities or edit existing ones. It also means that the Account Owner or Admin can hide one or more columns from your view.

Your Permissions

The table below shows your level of access to different campaign elements in the Public and Private Workspace:

Campaign elements




Read only

Read only


Read only

Read only


Read only

Read only


Read only

Read only

Traffic sources

Read only

Read only

Affiliate networks

Read only

Read only


  • Create and edit - rights to create and edit the campaign element within given Workspace
  • Read only - rights to view a given element
  • Not available - the campaign element cannot be assigned to the given type of Workspace

The table below shows your level of access to the Settings view:



Read and write access:

Conversion registration time reporting, Default HOME screen

Read and write access:

Password, Two-factor authentication for the Worker account

Read and write access:

Click URL, Postback URL, Tracking pixelPostback URL: Overview

Read only mode:

Custom conversions

Private Workspaces Mean Private Stats

All the data regarding traffic characteristics and volume, performance of campaigns and offers, and revenue are segregated on 'per assignment' basis. That means that those statistics are kept private and are visible only to those related to your Workspaces from the moment of assigning. Other Read-only users from your Workspace can see the same stats.

Type of Access You Have

Role assignments are managed by the Account Owner. Both Account Owner and Admin can manage your Workspace assignments. If you feel that you need access to another Workspace, please contact your Account Owner or Admin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

I have tried to edit the flow that was visible to me, but I could not save any changes. Why is that?

You might be trying to edit a public element. In this case, the campaign's element is in read-only mode, meaning that you can use it in the campaign funnel, but you cannot  save any changes made to this campaign's element setup. If you need to provide changes to the public element, contact your Account Owner or one of the Admins.

Can I assign the campaign element to more than one Workspace?

At the moment, you cannot assign the campaign element to more than one Workspace.

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