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Viewing the Shared Report

The following article is intended mainly for people that want to view the shared report, but are not familiar with Voluum. To learn more about the Shared Reports feature, go to the Shared Reports: Overview article.

Shared Report

The shared report is a set of statistical data, outlined by the Voluum user for user's associates to view. The data set can dynamically change over time, if the dynamic time ranges were set by the Voluum user. For example, if the Voluum user have set the date range to always show last 2 weeks, every day you view the shared report, you will see data from the 2 weeks preceding the current date.

Opening the Shared Report

The Voluum user has created the shared report and provided you the shareable link. When you click the link, you will be directed to the shared report. There is no additional authentication needed.

Voluum Note: The shared report is accessible to anyone with the shareable link, so keep it private and exclusive to trusted parties only.

Viewing the Report

The main view is a table containing the data set, defined by the Voluum user. You can change viewing options and navigate through consecutive pages, but you cannot modify any data. Only the Voluum user can. If you need access to other data or require more information about the data you have, contact the Voluum user.

Name of the Report

The name of the report is unique. It may contain the campaign's element name, that is the basis of the report or is custom. You can always use it when referring to the report to uniquely identify it.

Time range

Displays the shared report's time range.

Voluum Note: Take into consideration that the report's name and time range might be hidden by the Voluum user, and will not be displayed in the shared report.


Columns you see were selected by the Voluum user. If you need the description of the data, contained in the column, contact the Voluum user.

Showing and ordering columns

In order to show/hide columns, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Voluum main view, click the  button.
  2. In the Column settings pop-up window:

    • To show or hide a column: Tick the boxes next to a column that you want to show.
    • To change column order: Select the Custom order radio button and drag columns to change their order.
  3. Click the Save button. The checked metrics will be displayed in columns in the report.

Sorting columns

Data in columns can be sorted alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order. To sort the data, click the column name.

  • The  icon next to the column name shows that the data are sorted in an ascending order
  • The icon next to the column name shows that the data are sorted in a descending order

Voluum Note: You can sort only one column at a time. 


By default, there are 100 rows per page displayed. You can change the number of rows per page by clicking the  icon and select the number of rows from the drop-down menu.

If the number of rows in the report is bigger than the number of rows per page, the report will be divided into multiple pages. The total number of pages and number of the page currently viewed is displayed above the table on the left-hand side.

  • Go to the previous or next page.

    • To go to the previous page, click the icon.
    • To go to the next page, click the  icon.
  • Go to the first or last page.

    • To go to the first page, click the  icon.
    • To go to the last page, click the  icon.


The button row, highlighted in the dark blue color, shows the sum of the numerical values in columns from all pages.

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