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Integration Manager

Integration Manager allows you to manually match campaigns from Voluum with the ones from an integrated traffic source. The manual matching overrides the automatic matching settings. It should be used only if some campaigns were not matched automatically during the integration process, or a match has been broken.

Campaign Matching

The Voluum and an integrated traffic source campaigns are matched using the Voluum campaign ID that is a part of each Voluum campaign URL. The names of campaigns do not have to be the same, but the campaign ID has to be present in a campaign URL.

The typical Voluum campaign URL looks something like this:{campaign_id}source={src_hostname}&keyword={keyword}

The Voluum campaign ID in this URL is: 8284c355-090b-427c-930f-5311427e28c4

Using The Integration Manager

Integration Manager can be found in the Voluum's settings panel. In order to use it, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the AUTOMIZER module.
  2. Go to the Traffic sources tab.
  3. Click the button next to the integration you want to manage.

  4. The Integration mapping section allows you to verify which Voluum campaign has been integrated with which campaign from a traffic source. If you do not see all campaigns matched correctly, proceed to the next step.

  5. Use the Manual campaign matching section to find a traffic source and Voluum campaigns that should be matched together. Once you find them, click the Add match button.

  6. Once you do so, the match will be created and marked as Manual. You can remove a manual match by clicking the button.

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