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Optimization: Best Practices

Once you have successfully set up your campaigns, data flows to Voluum. The data, recorded and categorized, is ready for viewing and analyzing. But questions emerge: What exactly you should look for in those reports? How to identify patterns? What is a difference between a profitable and a lossy campaign, between good and poor-quality traffic?

There aren't straight answers to those questions. Each campaign is different, each audience is specific and each conversion-firing event has its own characteristics. You will need to take a closer look and draw conclusions from aggregated data. But we will show you where you can find different information types, how to build your own reports, what techniques to use to optimize your campaigns. In this set of articles, you can find different information types on how to analyze reports and what techniques to use to easily optimize your campaigns. Not all described hints and tips can be applied for all campaigns, but some of them might give you a different perspective on how to make your campaigns more profitable.

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