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Track Organic Traffic

Organic traffic can be easily tracked with direct tracking. By adding a lander tracking script that already contains your campaign ID to your lander, you can track visits that come not from direct tracking URL, but from other web pages or search engines.

This guide presents a recommended approach to setting up a campaign funnel. This approach requires you to create a dedicated campaign to track only the traffic that comes from organic sources. You can create a separate campaign for tracking paid traffic, either redirect or direct.

How Does It Work?

The way direct tracking usually works is the campaign ID is passed to a direct tracking script in the cpid parameter when a visitor activates a direct tracking URL. The direct tracking script is then able to make the correct request to Voluum. This does not apply to organic traffic, where visitors stumble upon your landing or offer page without activating the direct tracking URL.

In that case, you have to use a direct tracking script with a campaign ID already implemented. Voluum can generate a direct tracking script with a campaign ID for organic traffic. So, when a visitor comes to your landing or offer pages organically, the direct tracking script will assign this visit to the campaign that matches the campaign ID you have updated this script with.

I. (Optional) Create a Paid Traffic Campaign

In order to track paid traffic along your organic traffic, you can create a separate campaign with either method of tracking. We also recommend creating a separate traffic sources for organic and paid campaigns. Name your campaign in a way that will allow you to easily distinguish it from an organic campaign. If you have decided to create a campaign with a direct method, do not implement a direct tracking script on a landing page or offer page yet. It has to be updated with the campaign ID of an organic campaign that you are going to create in the second step.

So you end up with the 'Paid traffic source' and 'Paid campaign' created.

II. Create an Organic Campaign and get the direct tracking script

Create another campaign in the same manner. Use the 'Organic' traffic source. The 'Organic' traffic source is created by default on all Voluum accounts, so the only thing for you to do is to create a campaign with this traffic source.

By using the 'Organic' traffic source, Voluum will generate a direct tracking script with a campaign ID already implemented in it.

Use the same lander and offer elements as in the paid campaign.

Name your campaign in a way that will allow you to distinguish it easily from a paid campaign. Copy the direct tracking script to any text editing tool.

III. Paste the Script to Your Landing Page or Offer Page

You need to add the direct tracking script that you have copied from Voluum to the landing page:

  1. Go to the landing page that you host externally.
  2. Paste the modified script at the bottom of the <HEAD> section of your lander.
  3. Since now, every visit to this landing page that is organic will be registered within the organic-type campaign you have created in Voluum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

If I set a lander tracking script on a landing page, can I still use the same landing page for the standard redirect Voluum campaigns? If so, how visits and conversions are registered?

Yes, of course you can use the same landing page for many campaigns where either the redirect or direct tracking method is used. Voluum recognizes whether a visitor is re-targeted from the campaign URL or not. If so, the visit and corresponding conversion are registered for the campaign with the campaign URL set. If not - the visit and its conversions are recorded as the event for the direct campaign.

How to track organic traffic?

In order to track organic traffic, add 'Organic; traffic source and set up a direct tracking campaign with it. Then put the organic tracking script on your landing page. It will count all visits to this page, not necessarily coming through a direct tracking URL/ Campaign URL

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