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Being an Admin in Voluum

The following article is intended mainly for Admins.

Multi-User allows inviting your associates to collaborate with each other on a daily basis on one account. The Multi-User feature works only in conjunction with the Workspaces feature, which allows creating complex campaign management structures, where users occupy different positions, and have a different level of access to Workspaces. As an Admin, you will have unrestricted access to all campaign elements in both Public and Private Workspaces, with limited access to Settings. Note that there can be more than one user with an Admin role in one account.

Type of Access You Have

Your level of access is second highest after the Account Owner. The only difference between these two roles is Admin's lack of access to the sensitive settings, for example to payment details. There are no restrictions regarding access to campaign's elements in all Workspaces.

Your Role

The below image visualizes user hierarchy in Voluum after turning on the Multi-User feature.


Your main responsibility is to maintain campaign funnels by distributing the workload among Workers and personally overseeing and creating campaign funnels. To do so, you can invite new Workers and assign them to different or same Workspaces, but you are not allowed to invite and edit Admins - that is the privilege of the Account Owner.

The number of Workers you can invite depends on the pricing plan. If you feel you need additional Workers, contact the Account Owner.

The table below shows your level of access to the features.

General settings
Read and write access:
Conversion registration time reporting, Default HOME screen
Read and write access:
Password, Two-factor authentication 
Read and write access:
Domains configuration, Legacy domains, Redirect Domain, Root domains 
Tracking URLs
Read and write access:
Click URLPostback URLTracking pixel
Conversion upload
Read and write access:
Conversion upload
Collaboration tools
Read and write access:
WorkspacesMulti-UserShared Reports
Read and write access:
Traffic filtering
Read and write access:
Traffic filtering
Event log
Read and write access:
Event log
Custom conversions
Read and write access:
Custom conversions
Managing Workers

As an Admin, you can invite other users to delegate your workload, and assign them the role of a Worker.

Inviting New Workers or Read-only users

In order to invite a new Worker to the Voluum account, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to the Collaboration tools tab. 
  4. In the Collaboration tools view, go to the Multi-User tab.
  5. Click the Invite user button. The Invite user form will show up.
  6. Provide the user's email address and select the user's role.
  7. Select the user's role. You can learn about those roles in the articles below:

  8. If a Worker or Read-only user role is selected, choose one or more Private Workspaces that this user will be assigned to.
  9. (Optional) For Workers or Read-only users, there is an option to hide certain columns.
  10. Click the Invite button. An invitation email will be sent to the email address provided with an access link.

Invitations that have been sent but were not accepted by the user yet are visible in the Pending invitations table. You can revoke the invitation by clicking the  icon and confirming the dialog box.

Voluum Note: The number of users you can invite depends on your pricing plan. Go to the web page or contact your Account Owner for further details.

Changing Settings of a Worker

In order to edit Worker's Workspace assignment, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Multi-User tab, click the  icon to enter the edit mode.
  2. To change Workspace assignments, click the Private Workspaces field and select the Workspace from the drop-down menu to add the Private Workspace or click the  icon next to the Workspace's name to remove that Workspace.
  3. Click the icon to save changes.

In order to remove a Worker, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Multi-User  tab, click the  icon right to the user's name.
  2. Click the Yes, remove button in the dialog box to confirm the removal.
Managing Workspaces

As an Admin, you can create new Private Workspaces and assign Workers to them.

Add New Private Workspace

In order to add a new Private Workspace, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Collaboration tools view, go to the Workspaces tab.
  2. Click the Add private workspace button.
  3. Provide the Workspace's name and assign Workers to this Workspace.
  4. Click the Save button.

Edit Workspace Settings

In order to edit Workspace's settings, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Workspaces tab, click the  icon right to the Workspace's name. The Edit private workspace form will show up.

    • To change the Workspace's name, provide the new name in the Private workspace name field.
    • To change worker's assignment, click the Select workers field and select the workers from the drop-down menu or click the  icon next to the worker name to remove that worker.
  2. Click the Save button.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

In the Collaboration tools I only see the option of adding a new Private Workspace. How can I add another Public Workspace?

The Public Workspace is created by default for each Voluum account, and there can be only one per account. The Public Workspace contains all publicly shared elements, and therefore, you cannot add another Public Workspace.

I don't see the Invite user button in the Multi-User tab.

The Invite user button is visible only if you have available invitations left. The number of available invitations depends on your pricing plan and is shown above the List of users table.

How can I delete a Workspace that I have created?

In general, you cannot delete a Workspace once it has been created. Nevertheless, you can simply un-assign users from this Workspace and move campaign's elements to another Workspace. To learn how to move campaign elements, read the Moving Campaign Elements Between Workspaces article.

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