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Error Log

The Error Log tab provides you with information about errors that occurred and were reported to Voluum. These errors are connected with:

  • Faulty campaign funnel setup in Voluum.
  • Problems occurring in external platforms.
Why Would You Need an Error Log?

Checking an error log on a regular basis is a good practice because it allows you to identify and fix problems with your campaigns immediately after they are reported. Errors usually mean that your campaign is not receiving information about conversions correctly, you are losing traffic or your visitors are not properly redirected to an offer. Addressing those problems as fast as possible is essential for maintaining campaign profitability.

Using an Error Log

The Error log tab is available on all pricing plans and for all roles. To view it, simply click the Error log button.

Errors can be grouped or not.

Date range

Set the desired date range of your error log.

Data available

You have the following information about an error available in columns of an error log:

  • Time: Time when the error has occurred.
  • Campaign: Name of the campaign that the error is related to.
  • Category: Type of error.
  • Details: Additional information about the error.
  • URL: URL of a referrer.
  • Referrer: Name of a referrer.
  • IP: IP address of the referrer.

Note that not all information types are available for every error type.

Download CSV

You can choose to download the content of the error log to a file in a CSV format. This way, you can troubleshoot your campaigns in more detail or share your error data with a team.

Error Types and Solutions

Find a list of typical errors with possible reasons and solutions in the table below:

Error type
Possible reason
Invalid campaign URL
The campaign URL / Direct Tracking URL was entered incorrectly

For the redirect tracking method: The campaign ID from a campaign URL is missing or is not recognized. Check if you have pasted a complete campaign URL to your traffic source platform. The campaign URL can be found in the campaign edit form.
For the direct tracking method: The campaign ID from a campaign URL is missing or is not recognized. Check if you have pasted a complete Direct tracking URL to your traffic source platform. Also, if you want to track organic traffic, you have to paste the campaign ID to the Direct Tracking Script on your landing page.
Invalid conversion request
Incorrect {cid} token value or the {cid} token is missing from either the postback URL or conversion tracking pixel request.
For the conversion tracking pixel method of tracking conversions: Verify if the pixel URL was implemented correctly on your thank you page.

For the S2S postback method of tracking conversions: Verify if the postback URL was pasted correctly on your Affiliate Network side and check if you have provided the correct token for passing the click ID value back to Voluum in the {cid} parameter in the postback URL.
If you do not know which affiliate network has an incorrect configuration (without the click ID assigned you will not be able to match this error with a concrete campaign), follow these steps:
1. Go to every affiliate network platform you use, to the postback settings.
2. Edit the Voluum postback URL you have pasted there by adding the param=affiliatenetwork parameter, where affiliatenetwork is the name of the current affiliate network that you are logged in.
For example, in Avazu affiliate network your modified Voluum postback URL should look like this:{affiliate_network_token}&payout={affiliate network_token}&param=AVAZU
In this case, when this error will be reported in the Error log in Voluum, you will be able to identify which affiliate network platform has an incorrect configuration by the affiliate network name reported in the URL column.
Invalid request domain
Incorrect or unrecognized domain name in one of the tracking link.
Solution 1: Verify if you have pasted a correct campaign URL to your traffic source platform.

Solution 2: Verify if some of your domains were blocked after a pricing plan downgrade.

Solution 3: If you have CNAMEd your Custom Domain to your Voluum Dedicated Domain or a Legacy Domain, you have to add this Custom Domain in Voluum as well. Verify that your Custom Domain is added to Voluum.
Invalid click URL
Multi-offer click URL pasted on your landing page has an invalid number.
Solution: Multi-offer click URLs should have an index number after click/, so that final Multi-offer click URL should look like this for the first URL in line: Verify if this index number is present in the link.
Offer exceeded
The index number in the Multi-Offer click URL exceeds the number of offers added to Voluum.
Solution: Voluum pairs several offers that you have added to Voluum with following Multi-offer click URLs. So the first offer is linked with a URL that ends with click/1 and the second one is paired with a link that ends with click/2. If you have only two offers added to Voluum, but there is a click URL that ends with click/3, the error will be reported.  Verify if an index number in your Multi-offer click URL does not exceed the number of offers you have.
No path found with lander
No lander added when using the Direct Tracking Pixel as a direct method of tracking.
Solution: The Direct Tracking Pixel feature requires using landing pages, where you put the Direct Tracking Script. To be able to use landing pages, you have to add a lander element in Voluum. This error occurs when there are no landers in your campaign funnel. Verify if you have added them correctly to a path in a campaign setup.
Lander not matched
Incorrect campaign ID in the Direct tracking script or a lander with a Direct Tracking script is not added to the campaign funnel.
Solution: This error occurs when the Direct Tracking script is referring to a landing page that is not included in this funnel. Verify if you have added the correct lander to a campaign funnel and if you are using the ID of the correct campaign in the Direct Tracking Script when tracking organic traffic.
Offer not matched
Offer with a Direct Tracking script is not present.
Solution: This error occurs when the Direct Tracking script is referring to an offer that is not included in this funnel. Verify if you have added the correct offer to a campaign funnel.
Lander URL not present
Incorrect or missing lpurl parameter in the Direct Tracking Script on your landing page.
Solution: This error occurs when the Direct Tracking script is missing a lpurl parameter. Verify if you have correctly added the script to a landing page.
Postback IP is not whitelisted
Postback request received from an IP address that is not whitelisted.
Solution: When Only accept postbacks from white-listed IPs option has been enabled in an affiliate network element setup, Voluum will accept postback request only from IP addresses included in the whitelist. If this postback should be accepted, add its referrer IP address to the whitelist or disable whitelisting at all.
Postback sending error
Problems with sending a postback request to your traffic source platform.
Solution: Verify if a traffic source postback URL is correct and your traffic source platform accepts this method of conversion reporting. If not, use the Redirect Pixel feature.c
Direct tracking parameter not present
JS disabled in a visitor's web browser.
Add the &lpurl=YOUR_LANDING_PAGE_URL parameter to the <noscript><link href=“” rel=“stylesheet”/></noscript> part of the direct tracking script on a landing page that generated this error, right after the noscript=true part.
The final part of the script should look like this: 

<noscript><link href=“” rel=“stylesheet”/></noscript>
Campaign banned
Campaign banned by Voluum support due to compliance reasons or client's request.
Contact for more details.
Sublander exceeded
Too high click URL index.
This error happens when you have a higher intermediate click URL index than the number of sublanders in the campaign setup. For example, you have 3 landers in your campaign setup, but you use /intclick/4 on prelander. Fix the intermediate click URL.
Missing campaign ID
No CPID parameter present
Campaign was not visited using a correct lander URL.
Invalid postback request
Domain for postbacks not added.
Click ID is being send in a postback URL with a domain that has not been added to Voluum.
Invalid currency in postback
Currency code does not exist or is no longer supported.
Make sure that on the offer side in your postbacks you use only supported (not deprecated) currency codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

What do 'Missing 'cpid' parameter' or 'Missing request uri' errors mean?

Usually, this error occurs when the landing page is visited not through the tracking link (campaign URL / direct tracking URL). As there is no campaign ID in the tracking link, the direct tracking script registers a visit but cannot assign it to a specific campaign. Check the error log for more details. You may also be interested in creating an organic campaign in Voluum so you can track organic (non-paid) visits that happened on your landing page.

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