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Connection types explained

Voluum uses external databases to get details about the traffic it gets. In total, Voluum tracks over 30 traffic characteristics for each event. You can learn more about what databases those are from the article on our blog:

These traffic characteristics are used in:

  • Reports

  • Rule-based paths

The following document explains Connection type dimension.

Connection types

The names of the connection types come from the Digital Element database. The update to this database that took place at the end of 2021 has changed the way some connection types are named. The old names are marked as 'previous'.

  • Dialup - Connection via dialup modem

  • Mobile - Connection via cellular network

  • Satellite - Connection via satellite

  • Unkown

  • Wifi (previously: Wireless) - Connection via WiFi (either local or wide-area)

  • Wired (previously: Broadband, XDSL, Cable) - Connection via wired infrastructure such as cable or DSL

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