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The following section provides you with ideas for using Voluum in other ways than as an affiliate tracker. Voluum is a powerful reporting tool and its usefulness goes beyond standard scenarios. Read more below to learn about our proposed use cases and get inspired.

Uncommon Voluum Use Cases

Voluum is a platform that gathers layers of data about the traffic it goes through it and presents them in the form of a customizable report. With that in mind, you will discover that Voluum can be used in the following cases:

  • Voluum as an affiliate network. If you run proprietary offers or you get them from a network and you want them to be run by affiliates, you might consider putting Voluum between your offers and affiliates. This will not only allow you to clearly segregate traffic coming from different affiliates but also get additional information about traffic. You will have information about the origin of traffic, its specifications. Lastly, you will be able to oversee the performance of each affiliate.

  • Voluum as an expansion of the Tune (HasOffers) network. If you want to build your own affiliate network based on the Tune infrastructure, you might consider putting Voluum inside your campaign funnels. Voluum adds an additional layer of data to traffic managed by your Tune-based network. You get information about GEO or device characteristics that you cannot get from Tune. Consider Voluum being the expansion of your network.

  • Tracking SMS traffic with Voluum. SMS traffic is making a comeback. With Voluum, you can track who clicked your destination link that has been included in a text message. You can track additional information, such as gender, if your phone database includes it, to further optimize your campaigns.

  • Tracking email traffic with Voluum. Track one of the most converting type of traffic with Voluum.

  • Voluum as a bot filter. Voluum has a powerful feature that has been designed to identify potentially fraudulent traffic. You can use Voluum with your digital ad campaigns to pinpoint suspicious parts of your traffic and block them in your traffic source platform.

  • Building a push subscriber list. You can include a push notification concent pop-up on your landing page using a solution provided by OneSignal. This may be used as an additional monetization method of your visitors or it may be an end in itself.

  • Connecting Voluum with Data Studio: If you want further analytical or visualizaiton options, you can connect Voluum with Data Studio and feed the latter platforms with new data on regular basis.

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