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Shared Reports: Overview

The Shared Reports feature will provide you with a unique URL link that you can share with your associates even though, they do not have access to Voluum or download a CSV file. The link is just enough to see the selected reporting data. You can send it via email or paste it to a chat while discussing things with others and they see the report immediately.

The data contained in the report might be either static or dynamic:

  • Static data: Data related to the fixed date range, for example, March 2018. The data in this report will not change over time.
  • Dynamic data: Data relative to the current date, for example, Last month. The data in this report will change over time to reflect the changing period of time.

Using the Shared Reports feature might benefit you in many different ways, depending on the campaign management structure that you use. The main benefits include:

  • Performance: Collaborating with other parties allows them to give their input and perspective into your campaigns' performance and enables you to create advanced campaign management structures.
  • Simplicity: Creating a shared report is as easy as creating any other report in Voluum. With only a few clicks, the report that you see can be viewed by your associates, but all other stats will be kept private.
  • Convenience: You need only to provide a unique shared link to your associates to show them your stats. They do not need to create their own passwords in order to see the report.
  • Safety: Only the stats that you have chosen to share will be visible to other people. They won't have any permission to modify them in any way. You can manage shared reports you have created in one place and revoke the shared link at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

Can I share reports with my partner?

You can invite your partner as a coworker to Voluum and give them a restricted or read-only access to Voluum or, if you want to save them a hassle of signing up to Voluum or you don't have enough invitations, you can use the Shared Reports feature. This feature generates a link to a report that is accessible to anyone with the link.

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