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Workspaces: Overview

Workspaces allow you to divide your workload into separate spaces, and, in conjunction with the Multi-User feature, collaborate with other users and limit their view to the certain spaces only. Create complex campaign management structures, segregate your content, delegate your workload to other users, and smartly adjust your structure to accommodate the ever-changing needs.

Benefits of Using Workspaces
  • Flexibility: With Workspaces and Multi-User you are no longer limited to taking different actions and assigning users to them. Your priorities have changed? Re-assign the users to another Private Workspace and keep your campaign funnels live without distractions. Your associate became your partner now? Change their role to Admin and give your partner more insight into the data.
  • Collaboration: Annoyed by switching accounts for checking the campaign funnels? Invite your associates to one Voluum account. Assign them to Private Workspaces. And start collaborating with them on a daily basis.

    Need people who manage campaigns and let them learn and exchange the experience? Your Admins have an insight to all your campaigns to make most of them and be able to make campaign-changing decisions at the right time.

  • Scalability: Scale up your projects freely. Need to categorize your campaign funnels? Create a new Workspace to put all related campaign funnels in one working place. Assign your Workers to it. Need another category? Repeat the process of creating the Workspace and let your Admins and Workers do their job. Expand it.
  • Focus: Organize your associates' work into Workspaces to allow them to focus on a dedicated set of campaign funnels and not get distracted by unrelated stuff.
  • Boost: Don't wait for others and accelerate your campaign's management by gaining access to different campaign funnels managed by different groups of people. They can work in parallel what speeds up your project significantly, but still they can see only the data they are supposed to see.
Create Your Workspace

The image below visualizes Public and Private Workspaces relationships on the Voluum account with the Workspaces feature enabled.

You have two types of Workspaces at your disposal: Public, one per account, where users can collaborate, and Private, which can be used to separate groups of users, campaign elements, and domains from each other. You can create up to 50 Private Workspaces in one account. When you update to Workspaces, Voluum will assign all your campaigns to the Private Workspace, that will be automatically created for you, and the rest of your campaign's elements such as offers, landers, traffic sources, affiliate networks to the Public Workspace.

Invite Your Associates to Voluum

The image below visualizes how users with different roles belong to different Workspaces with Workspaces and Multi-User features enabled.

If you have the Multi-User feature enabled on your account, you can start thinking how you can organize workload of your associates. There are three roles defined in Voluum: Account Owner, Admin, and Worker.

  • Account Owner: The owner of the account, so naturally a person who has all permissions to all information and elements in Voluum.
  • Admin: Associates invited by the Account Owner who are going to collaborate with all users and monitor the performance of campaigns funnels in all Workspaces. Admins also have the full access to all elements in Voluum, and most of the settings, with the ones related to payment details excluded.
  • Worker: Users who manages and maintains the campaign funnels. Workers are the only users who are assigned to one or more Workspaces and have no permissions beyond that Workspace. For example, they cannot access campaign elements that are assigned to the other Private Workspace. They can use elements from the Public Workspace, but they cannot modify them. Moreover, they have limited access to Voluum settings having mostly the read-only permissions to the fundamental areas.

Users that were previously invited to your account, before updating to the Workspaces feature, will have the role of the Worker assigned to them automatically.

Assign Campaign Elements And Domains to Your Workspace

The image below visualizes a possible campaign funnel, where campaign's element belong to different Workspaces with the Workspaces feature enabled.

After the update, whenever you create a campaign's element, you will be asked to select a Workspace the element will be assigned to.

When the campaign's element is assigned to the Private Workspace, you make it and its reporting data available within a given Workspace, so it can be only accessible by other users, assigned to that Workspace. On the other hand, when an element is assigned to the Public Workspace, you make it accessible by all account users. In other words, any user can create a campaign in their workspace with a public offer. However, the reporting data stays protected cause every user will see only relevant stats.

You can assign campaign's elements or domains to Private Workspaces based on different criteria. You can use Workspaces to segregate our campaign's elements by verticals, by teams or other associates, by country, or by other criteria that you might find useful.

After the setup, you can now plan and organize your campaigns' management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

How can I move the offer which is already used in campaign A (private Workspace A), to the new private workspace B?

Offers and all other elements can be assigned either to one public workspace or one of many private workspaces. Elements from public workspaces can be used in various campaigns but elements assigned to a private workspace can be used only in campaigns within that workspace. Unassign a given element from a campaign an change its workspace to be able to use it in another workspace.

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