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This section will introduce you to multiple options available for managing your account and your workflow. Customize your Voluum experience by:

  • Changing the default view of your HOME tab or a campaign creation tab in the General settings.
  • Editing your profile settings in the Profile settings.
  • Checking your subscription plan specification in the Plan specification
  • Making your account more secure by enabling the Two-factor authentication, changing your email address or a password, adding or removing authenticated devices or API tokens in the Security settings.
  • Managing your subscription and payment details in the Billing & Subscription settings.
  • Participating in the Voluum Referral Program in the Referral program settings.
  • Adding or removing your dedicated or custom domains that you use in your campaign funnels in the Domains settings.
  • Viewing all logged actions performed on your account in the Event log settings.

How to Enter the Settings Panel

The Settings panel can be accessed from any place in Voluum. To go to the Settings panel, click the Settings icon in the down left corner. 

To leave the Settings panel, click the Home button or a specific report tab, if one was created.


With the Collaboration Tools feature enabled on your account, the number of options available for you is dependent on the role you have. Read the following articles to learn more:

Track & optimize
your campaigns with ease!