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III. Start advertising

The remaining thing to do is to launch a campaign in Google Ads.

  1. In your Google Ads dashboard, click the New Campaign button.

  2. Select the campaign goal.

  3. Select a campaign type.

  4. Provide your direct tracking URL as your business's website. Do not include any tracking parameters at this point, provide the plain URL:
  5. Click the Continue button.

  6. Provide all required information for the selected campaign goal and type. This information include:

    • Campaign budget.
    • Bid.
    • Targeting.
    • Keywords.
    • Ad title, images and description.
  7. Save your campaign by clicking the Save button.
  8. Once you have saved your campaign, go to this campaign's details.
  9. Go to Settings.
  10. Click the Campaign URL options.

    Paste the part of the direct tracking URL that you have copied from Voluum that starts after the ? character in the Final URL suffix text field.


    The complete direct tracking URL that you have copied from Voluum should look like this:

    The following part of the above URL should be pasted in the Final URL suffix text field:

  12. Click the Save button.

Now your campaign is pending approval. Once it is approved, traffic will start flowing.

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(Optional) Set Up Passing Conversion From Voluum to Google

If you want to pass conversion information from Voluum to Google, you need to do the following:

1. Create a conversion action in Google Ads:

  1. In Google Ads, click the Tools button.
  2. Select the Conversions option.

  3. Click the button to add a new conversion action.
  4. Select the Import type of conversion and then the Other data sources or CRMs / Track conversions from clicks option and click the CONTINUE button.

  5. Provide all required information about a conversion action in the Create an action view, including the name of the conversion action, and click the Create and continue button.

    Voluum Note: Keep in mind than the name of your conversion cannot contain spaces. So instead of the name "Book purchase", type "Book_purchase".

  6. You do not need to set up a conversion event in Google Ads any further.

2. Generate a postback URL in Voluum

  1. In Voluum, click the button to go to the Settings page.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab.
  3. In the TRAFFIC SOURCE INTEGRATIONS section, click the Generate button next to the Google integration.

  4. Provide the name of the conversion action that you have created in Google Ads in the Type in Google Conversion Action text field.
  5. Click the Generate postback URL button.

  6. Click the Copy button to copy the URL to the clipboard.

3. Submit a postback URL into your traffic source setup in Voluum

  1. In Voluum, go to the Traffic sources tab.
  2. Edit the Google Ads traffic source element.
  3. Paste the postback URL from the clipboard in the Traffic source postback URL text field.
  4. Click the Save button.

You have successfully configured reporting conversions to Google Ads.

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