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PopMyAds as a Traffic Source

PopMyAds is a source of worldwide pop-under traffic. They operate in almost every GEO there is. Before launching a campaign, you have the option to see an estimated traffic volume that you will buy with your bid. With the help of this guide, you will learn how to track this traffic with Voluum.

Before You Start

You will need two things before you are able to launch a campaign in PopMyAds:

  • An active Voluum account.
  • An active advertiser's account in PopMyAds with some funds added (the minimal top-up amount is 25$).

Once you have everything ready, read the remaining part of this guide.

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I. Create a Campaign in Voluum

In the first step we describe how to create a campaign in Voluum. Doing so provides you with a campaign URL that you will submit to PopMyAds in step 2 of this guide. In order to create a campaign in Voluum, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an offer element. Read the Add an Offer to Voluum article to learn how to do that.
  2. (Optionally) Create a lander element. Read the Add a Lander Element article to learn more.
  3. Create a custom traffic source element.

    1. In Voluum, go to Traffic sources.
    2. Click the Create button and select the Traffic source option from the drop-down menu.

    3. Click the Create custom button. The New traffic source form will appear.

    4. Provide a name of your traffic source in the Traffic source name text field.

    5. Scroll down to the Advanced parameters section and provide appropriate tokens into the Token column.

      Tokens are used to pass various kinds of information between servers. Once a URL is activated, tokens (in PopMyAds referred to as tags) are replaced with concrete values, which are then recorded by a target platform (Voluum in this case). To correctly record this information, Voluum has to know what tokens a traffic source platform uses. The tokens are as follows:

      • [SPENT]
      • [SITEID]
      • [IP]
      • [USERAGENT]
      • [COUNTRY]
      • [CID}
      • [BID]

      These tokens will be matched with Voluums {var} custom variables.

      Provide a name for the custom variable that will be visible in Voluum reports in the Name column.

      Provide your own parameter names that describe values passed in tokens in the Parameter column. Example names are shown in the image below.

    6. Click the Save button.

  4. Create a campaign

    In Voluum, go to Campaigns, click the Create button and select the Campaign Simple or Campaign Advanced option from the drop-down menu.

    1. Provide basic campaign information.

      1. In the New Campaign form in the GENERAL tab, provide the name of your campaign in the Campaign name text field.
      2. (Optional) If you have the Workspaces feature enabled on your account, select the Private Workspace from the drop-down menu that you want this campaign to be assigned to. Read the Workspaces: Overview article to learn more.
      3. Select the PopMyAds traffic source that you have just created from the drop-down menu.
      4. Click the Next button.

    2. Provide traffic destination information.

      1. In the DESTINATION tab, select the campaign destination type radio button.
      2. Select offer and lander elements that you have created. Read the Set Flows and Paths article to learn more.
      3. Click the Save button.

    3. Copy the campaign URL by clicking the Copy button.

You have now created the campaign in Voluum. Go to PopMyAds to continue your setup.

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II. Create a Campaign in PopMyAds

In order to create a campaign in PopMyAds, perform the following steps:

  1. In PopMyAds, click the New campaign option in the menu on the left.
  2. Select if you want to target either desktop or mobile traffic.
  3. Provide a bid value for a given country or for all countries worldwide in the Budget column.

    Voluum Note: Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the number of ordered visitors. Adjust your bids to buy the desired number of visitors.

  4. Click the Click here to enter your campaign's details button and the bottom of the page.

  5. Provide a name of your campaign in the Campaign name text field.
  6. Paste the copied campaign URL into the Campaign URL text field.
  7. Set all other required option according to your business needs.

  8. Click the Create campaign button.

You have successfully created the PopMyAds campaign. Once it is reviewed, it will be launch or wait for your action depending on your previously selected setting.

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PopMyAds Tracking Tokens






Website ID


Quality score


Category ID




Form Factor Name


Campaign ID


Campaign name


Screen Resolution


Impression ID

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