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Using Traffic Distribution AI

The Traffic Distribution AI feature was designed to be as easy to use as possible. Using it comes down to switching the toggle next to the element that you want to optimize. However, there are a few things to consider prior to enabling it.

Optimization Methods

Weights of landers and offers can be optimized independently of each other or together, combined as a pair. 

  • Optimized separately: The highest volume of traffic will be directed towards the best performing offer and, if used, the best performing lander. Note that calculating their performance separately means that those best performing elements might not necessarily form the best performing lander-offer pair.
  • Combined: Voluum AI aims to find the best performing lander-offer pair, which may not consist of the best performing lander and the best performing offer. Sometimes these elements work better in conjunction with each other than separately.


Let's consider a simple example. In the path you have two landers and three offers. Till now, you have recorded 180 conversions where 110 are associated with one lander (L1), and 70 with the second one (L2).  For the first offer (O1) 40 conversions are registered, for the second one (O2) there are 60 conversions, and for the third one (O3) - 80 conversions. Based on the Voluum calculations, the first lander will be favored with higher optimized weight. The weight of the first lander will be 97%, the second one - 3%. The third offer will be also set as potentially the best one. However, those automatic weights are calculated separately for offers and landers. If you want to consider the (lander + offer) = combination, you will get the following results: L1O1 8%; L1O2 2%; L1O3 56%; L2O1 2%; L2O2 12%; L2O3 20%.

Also, keep in mind that you need to have at least one conversion registered in Voluum to optimize the weights.

Voluum Note: Note that when using Traffic Distribution AI with elements from a flow, optimization will be applied only in the campaign where Traffic Distribution AI is actually turned on, not to all campaigns where this flow is used.

Turning on Optimized Weights

To automatically calculate the weights, you need to declare it in the path's setup while creating/editing the campaign/flow in Voluum:

  1. In Voluum, go to Campaigns.
  2. Select and edit the campaign/flow setup.
  3. (For campaigns only) Go to the DESTINATION tab and click the Path radio button. Sets of paths will appear on the left-hand side.
  4. Traffic Distribution AI for paths:

    1. Go to the Traffic Distribution AI (paths) section and switch the Optimization enabled toggle. This will activate the feature for all sets of paths.
    2. If you want to select a preferred metric for your calculations, select one from the Calculation method drop-down menu.
  5. Traffic Distribution AI for landers and offers:

    1. Click the path where you want to automatically calculate weights in the Flow / Campaign form. The path's details show up on the right-hand side.
    2. In the path's details form go to the Traffic Distribution AI section. and select the preferred optimization method.
    3. If you want to select a preferred metric for your calculations, select one from the Calculation method drop-down menu.
  6. Click the Save button. Now, the weights of the campaign's elements you have selected are blocked from further editing and will be automatically adjusted based on the Voluum calculations.

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