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Voluum Tips & Tricks

You may have been using Voluum for quite some time now, but that does not mean that you know everything it has to offer. Voluum is full of hidden gems that are small features, tweaks, tricks, and workarounds that you can use to smooth up your work.

Every additional couple of seconds that you lose when creating a campaign, looking for some data in reports or setting up tracking in a non-efficient way can add up to hours of your life wasted on work you could have avoided. So get familiar with the tips & tricks from any of the categories below and work as efficiently as possible.


The first category refers to some Voluum interface features that allow you to personalize it more. So, did you know that...

  • Back and Forward buttons in your web browser work perfectly fine with the Voluum panel. Use them to navigate its interface.

  • You can duplicate a campaign instead of creating a completely new one if you want to keep settings of your old campaign. Click the Duplicate button and the new campaign form will open with all settings from the old campaign already filled in. You can edit those settings before saving the new campaign.

  • You can choose between the Simple and Advanced campaign forms depending on your needs. Select either the TRK Simple or TRK Advanced option from the drop-down menu after clicking the New campaign button.

  • You can use emojis in your campaign names to make them more visible and unique.

  • Column order and width is automatically saved in your settings. You can hide irrelevant data and widen columns with important information. Do it once and see the most relevant data at first glance.

  • Workspaces are a great way not only to separate different users' content from each other but also to segregate your content according to given criteria, such as verticals or conversion flows.


This category provides you with a list of tweaks that can enhance your tracking setup. So, did you know that...

  • You can temporarily pause offers by using the conversion cap feature and setting the conversion cap to 0.

  • When a conversion cap is used, you can either direct a visitor towards a redirect offer or to a new campaign, if you submit a new campaign's URL as a redirect offer URL.

  • You can correct revenue with the help of custom conversion event and conversion upload. This way you can eliminate stats that you have generated while testing to maintain an accurate picture.

  • You can track impressions for free if your traffic source supports it. Also, you can track all Zeropark and Voluum DSP-generated events for free.

  • You can display content on your landing pages that is related to the offer a given user will be directed to. To do this, you need to use dynamic call-out script and an {} token. This is useful when you are rotating offers and landers.

  • Avoid costly mistakes when setting up an offer. Use affiliate network templates to get correct tracking parameters displayed in an offer creation form.

  • To track a customer's lifetime value, use the {txid} parameter in a postback URL to distinguish between subsequent conversions.

  • You can track visits without the initial redirect, effectively reducing the redirect time to 0.


The reporting category shows you where you can find any information that you were struggling to find. So, did you know that...

  • To see the number of unique visits, first generate a specific report for a given campaign, then go to the IP category and check the number of unique IPs there.

  • The click ID values can be found in two places: in the Live Events or Conversions categories of a specific report.

  • The Error log category provides useful information about errors in your campaign setup that might harm your campaign's profitability


The last section present you features that you may not be using, but still may bring value to you. So, did you know that...

  • You can use the Optimization Calculator to analyze which element should have the highest estimated ROI based on collected statistics and then you can adjust a weight value for this particular offer.

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