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Moving Elements Between Workspaces in Bulk

Sometimes you have to move several campaign elements at once from one Workspace to another. This is especially the case in two situations:

  • Case 1: If you would like to hide your public offers, landers or other elements in the Private Workspace.

    You have just migrated to Workspaces. Your campaigns were moved to the Initial Private Workspace during the migration process, but all other campaign elements, such as offers, landers, traffic sources, flows, and affiliate networks were transferred to the Public Workspace. You might want to move those Public elements to the Initial or other Private Workspace to distribute workload between your Workers.

  • Case 2: if you would like to move elements to other Workspaces

    You have invited a new Worker to your account and you want to move campaign elements to the Private Workspace that was assigned to this Worker.

  • Case 3: if you want to move many elements to the Public Workspace to make them available for other account users.

    You have all your elements assigned to one Private Workspace but you want to make them accessible for all your associates. You need to move all those elements to the Public Workspace.

This does not exhaust all possibilities but shows only the most typical scenarios where moving several elements at once is needed. To save you from manually changing the Workspace of each campaign element, Voluum lets you move all these elements in bulk.


As described in the Moving Campaign Elements Between Workspaces article, some restrictions apply to prevent your associates from accessing data that they are not supposed to have access to. Campaign elements are in certain dependencies from each other. A general rule is that a campaign funnel cannot exist across different Private Workspaces. Read the aforementioned article to learn more.

When moving in bulk, there are no restrictions when it comes to the type of Workspace. You can move them between Private Workspaces or between the Public and Private Workspaces.

How to Move Elements in Bulk

Voluum already offers you an option to work on several elements at once. You can select multiple elements and duplicate or archive them. With Workspaces enabled, you can also move those elements using the same logic.

To move campaign elements from one Workspace to another, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the category tab.
  2. Select checkboxes next to campaign elements that you want to move. The selected elements do not need to be from the same Workspace.
  3. Click the Move to button or More / Move to (depending on a screen size).
  4. Select the Workspace from the drop-down menu that you want to move selected elements to.

  5. Elements have been moved.

If some elements could not have been moved, you will see an appropriate error message. In that case, only the elements that could be moved will have been moved.

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