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Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) Integration

You can integrate Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) with Voluum separately for cost synchronization and passing conversions. When integrated for the former, Voluum will be able to:

  • Periodically ask for Facebook campaign cost information and update it automatically. On certain pricing plans, you can also pause and resume ad sets and adset IDs manually or with auto-rules.
  • Pause and resume campaigns from within Voluum interface or with auto-rules.

When integrated for passing conversions, Voluum will be able to pass conversions registered by Voluum with any method to Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads).

Begin integration

  1. In Voluum, go to the AUTOMIZER module.
  2. Go to the Traffic sources tab.
  3. Click the Add traffic source button.

  4. Click the Add new integration link under the Facebook traffic source.

  5. Now you can choose the integration type. Click below to go to the appropriate document.

II. Working With Integrated Campaigns

The integrated campaigns are marked with the icon. To make use of the integration, make sure that you have the following columns visible by clicking the button and ticking the appropriate boxes:

  • Actions
  • Status

Each change you make in Voluum will have an instantaneous effect in Facebook. Find out what you can do with integrated campaigns:

Check the status of integrated campaigns:

You can observe the status of your integrated campaign in the Status column.

Pause or restore an integrated campaign:

You can pause or restore an entire integrated campaign in the Campaigns view, in the Actions column:

  • To pause a running campaign, click the button.

  • To restore a paused campaign, click the button.

Reauthenticating the Integration


It may happen that Facebook or Google may deactivate the integration by themselves. To troubleshoot this, you can refresh its status in the integration status window.

Previously, you had to create a new integration, which caused losing campaign mapping

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

Can I use Facebook traffic source with offers from affiliate network?

You can advertise offers from third-party offer providers such as affiliate networks and even pass conversions recorded with a postback URL to Facebook. To do so, you need to have your domain verified in Facebook and then you need to generate a traffic source postback URL in Voluum Automizer that you will then submit to Facebook traffic source setup in Voluum as a traffic source postback URL.

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