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Step 4: Control Regularly

Look into your reports on a regular basis. Depending on the volume of traffic that you track, you should check main indicators that you follow more than once a day. Mind that traffic fluctuates during a day-night cycle, so check more often during business hours in the time zone of the area that you advertise. Traffic during night might have a higher probability of being invalid.

  • Use Bookmarks to have reports at the tip of your fingers. Bookmarks, once saved, are available to view also in the Voluum mobile application. Adjust your specific report settings to have instant access to the most relevant data. Change data sorting and filtering options, column visibility or campaign status. Check your data for longer periods of time, going back 1 or 2 weeks is a good idea - this will allow you to see trends and patterns in your data.

  • Voluum offers you mobile application to be constantly in touch with your campaigns. Your data and your reports synchronize automatically, so you don't need to sit in front of a computer to know what is going on with your campaigns. Create reports, use customizable widgets, view reports that you have bookmarked in the Voluum web application.

  • Use the notifications feature to be alerted when certain conditions have been met, like your campaign not getting any conversions after reaching 100 visits within 1 hour.

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