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Add an Offer to Voluum

  1. In Voluum, go to Offers.
  2. Click the Create button and select the Offer option from a drop-down menu.

  3. (Optional) If you have the Workspaces feature enabled on your account, select the Workspace from the drop-down menu that this offer will be assigned to.
  4. (Optional) If you want to associate this offer with a specific affiliate network, select it from the Affiliate network drop-down menu.
  5. (Optional) If the offer is geo-specific, select the Country tag from the drop-down menu. This option is only used for organizational purposes and does not determine the traffic source geo-location in any way. If your offer is intended for multiple GEOs, use the Global option by leaving the Country tag field blank.
  6. Provide a unique name for your offer. The name of the offer in Voluum is based on the following pattern: {selected_affiliate_network} - {country_label or Global} - {your_unique_custom_name}.
  7. (Optional) To enhance search functionality, you can always add tags to the offer. Keep in mind that tags can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
  8. Provide the URL of your offer in the Offer URL field and add the corresponding tokens to a parameter within the offer URL. 

    • Example 1. Postback URL

      To be able to track conversions for your offer using a redirect method with a postback URL, you need to add the {clickid} token to the offer's URL with a corresponding parameter from affiliate network platform.

      If you have the following offer's URL: that you have received from the network and the affiliate network uses the s2 parameter to track conversions within the postback URL, the offer's URL should look as follows:{clickid}

      Read the Track Conversions Using S2S Postback URL article to learn more how about to set up tracking conversions.

      Read the Parameters in Postback URLs article to learn about additional parameters that you can pass to your offer.

    • To track conversion with a direct method using conversion tracking pixel, you do not need to pass a click ID to an affiliate network platform. The click id is logged on a visitor's computer in a cookie and will be fetched when conversion tracking pixel will run.

      Read the Track Conversions Using a Conversion Tracking Pixel to learn more.

  9. If you have selected an affiliate network with tracking tokens already filled in in the Advanced parameters section, a complete tracking parameter will be displayed below. This tracking parameter should be added to an offer URL.

  10. (Optional) You can select a conversion tracking method. You can select between the following methods:

    • S2S postback URL
    • Tracking Pixel
    • Tracking Pixel URL
    • Tracking Script

    Once you select an appropriate option from the drop-down menu, you can copy the URL or script to the clipboard.

  11. (Optional) You can enable this toggle to pass up to 5 custom additional parameters in the postback URL.
  12. (Optional) Offer tracking script is required to be implemented on an offer page, if you want to track with a direct method and you want to direct people straight to the offer page, without a landing page in the middle. It is also used in rare cases when you want to track conversions with a script directly on an offer page, not like in the more usual scenario of tracking conversions with a script on a "Thank You" page.
  13. You can track the payout either dynamically or manually:

    1. Auto: You need to select this option if you have added a payout parameter to the postback or pixel URL. Tracking values are sent via a postback URL/pixel request.
    2. Manual: You can also provide a fixed amount in the field in the offer’s configuration. Every time the conversion is recorded, the amount will be added to a total payout sum. If you want to use GEO-specific payout feature, you have use the Manual payout option.

      Voluum Info: To find out how to track payout for your offer, go to the Tracking Payouts article.

    Select an offer currency from the Currency drop-down menu. The default payout currency is USD. The selected currency will be used to record payout information. The currency of the recorded payout information cannot be changed. Read the Multicurrency in Voluum article to learn more. The default offer currency is USD.

  14. (Optional) The Geo-specific payout allows you to override the value set as a manual payout if a conversion comes from a specific country. Read the GEO-specific payout article to learn more.
  15. (Optional) In the Conversion cap section turn on the toggle to activate the Conversion Cap feature.

    Voluum Info: This guide presents how to add a simple offer to Voluum, therefore it does not provide information on the Offer Cap feature in Voluum.

  16. (Optional) You can add notes with important information.
  17. Click the Save button. You have added the offer to Voluum.

What's Next?

After you have created an offer element, read the following articles to learn how to add rest of elements:

Necessary elements:

Optional elements:

Video Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Have more questions about adding an offer? You might find the answer below:

I've added an offer to Voluum, what should I do next?

Once the offer has been set, you need to set it with its campaign funnel in Voluum. Click a link below and learn how to create a campaign in Voluum as an element of a campaign funnel. Or if you still need to create a traffic source element, choose one of the below guides.

My affiliate network has sent me some documents describing sub-IDs and callbacks setup? Could you explain me how it is related to the offer configuration and what I am supposed to do?

Take a look at the above steps presented in the guide: briefly, you need to add a Voluum's token, {clickid}, to the offer URL (in the Offer URL field) with a corresponding parameter from the affiliate network to be able to register users' clicks. This allows you to identify them and store this information in the Voluum platform. Even more, it ensures that you will be able to track conversions of the offer.

You might also add other tokens to the offer URL depending what kind of data is passed on by your affiliate network. You can take a look at an example of the offer's URL with a Voluum {clickid} token:{clickid}


s2: sub-ID/affiliate network parameter

{clickid}: Voluum's token that enables you to track conversions

More information on the offer's tokens you can find in the  Parameters in Postback URLs article.

Can I add the offer even if I track ads on my own site?

Yes, of course you can. You need to follow the steps in the guide paste the URL to your ad in the Offer URL field.

My offer's URL looks as follows:{clickid}. As far as I understand when the offer is clicked, a unique value, that should be generated, is added at the end of the offer's URL replacing the {clickid} token. For example, upon a click I should get as follows: But in my case the value is added twice. Could you explain why?

This is definitely incorrect. You should double-check the Voluum's affiliate network setup used by the offer. It is highly likely that while adding the affiliate network entity to Voluum, you have enabled the Append click ID to offer URLs option. This option adds the unique clickid value to the offer's URL, even though the value has been already added replacing the {clickid} token. If you want to use this option, your offer's URL should look as follows:

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