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Big Data Reports

Voluum records mountains of data each second and some reports may contain a lot of information. Preparing big reports may take some time, as gathering tracked data from a long period of time for several groupings is a challenge for any database. This is why the Big Data Reports feature has been introduced.

This feature allows Voluum to generate even the biggest reports that include four grouping options and send them to a selected email address or addresses once they are ready.

When a Big Data Report is generated?

Sending a report to an email address may occur on three occasions:

  • You try generating a standard report and the request reaches times out. In that situation, Voluum will propose you to send this report to your email address once its ready.
  • You may chose to export an outlined data set to CSV and have it emailed.
  • When you add a fourth grouping option, Voluum will automatically suggest you to send the report to your email.

Voluum Note: The Big Data report feature incorporates the Email CSV feature.

How To Set Up Big Data Report?

Big Data Reports are a part of Advanced Reports.

  1. In Voluum, click the Advanced button.

  2. Select Big Data Reports option.

The Big Data Report configuration window allows you to set the following options:

  1. Timezone: The timezone of the report.
  2. Time range: The time range of the report. Note that the time range is also subject to the data retention cap you have on your pricing plan.
  3. Traffic source: Traffic source name.
  4. Campaign: Campaign name. Only campaigns from a selected traffic source will be displayed.
  5. Grouping: Up to 4 grouping options.
  6. Email address: Send your report to up to 5 email addresses. Use the Add email button to add more email addresses.

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