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Upselling: Tracking Subsequent Conversions

In Voluum, by default, any duplicated click IDs which are received will be automatically discarded to prevent false conversions from being recorded. However, an exception to this default setting is when the same primary click ID has a unique transaction ID recorded. The use of a unique transaction value within a postback URL or tracking pixel is applicable when you wish to record secondary conversion steps, called sometimes upsells, per visitor after the primary conversion.

Voluum postback URLs and all variations of tracking pixel URLs (tracking pixel URL, tracking pixel, tracking script) support the transaction ID, txid, parameter. This parameter should include a value uniquely identifying a conversion, for example:

The transaction ID, txid, can be any combination of characters and only has to be unique within the scope of a clickid. This means you can use meaningful, customized transaction names for an easier reference within your conversions report, for example:

    Conversion Step 1 SIGNUP:
    Conversion Step 2 NEWSLETTER:
    Conversion Step 3 PURCHASE:

Alternatively, most affiliate networks provide a token such as %TRANSACTION_ID% or [ORDER_ID] that you can pass to Voluum as the txid. This is the best way to implement upsells as it allows Voluum to filter out duplicates.

Voluum Note: Keep in mind that when there is the same combination of cid and txid, it is only counted once.

Conversions with different transaction IDs can be referenced and filtered within your conversions report in the Transaction ID column.

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