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Group by Conversions to see Visitor Journey

This feature allows you to follow users inside one campaign or across multiple campaigns by grouping them by the following parameters:

  • Click ID
  • External ID
  • Param 1-5
  • Transaction ID

Voluum Note: The click ID value is assigned to each activation of the click URL on a landing page or to each activation of a campaign URL, if landing page is not used. However, to group by other parameters, you need to pass the external ID in the camping URL and the param 1 - 5 and transaction ID in the postback URL.

Each parameter will show the following information in columns:

  • a number of each type of conversions
  • revenue for all recorded transactions

How Does it Work?

When a user selects one of the parameters listed above, they will be able to group or drill-down into more details in the same way as with other parameters that Voluum tracks, such as device type or country. This enables users to:

  • Track single users within one campaign
  • Track a user across multiple campaigns using external ID or other postback parameters (param1 - param5)
  • See all conversions within a single campaign by custom variables

What Benefits Does the group by conversions feature brings?

This feature is especially beneficial for people that run their own offers, such as ecommerce marketers. It allows them to track user's journey across the whole campaign and see all activities related to one click ID. For example, they will be able to see:

  • All actions performed by a certain visitor within a campaign (grouping by Click ID). This context can help answer questions such as

    • What is the total revenue generated by a single visitor?
    • What are all conversions performed within a campaign by a certain visitor?
    • What is characteristic for the behavior of a visitor within a campaign?
  • Actions/behavior of a certain user across all campaigns (grouping by External ID, param 1-5)

    • from which source of traffic user originally came and which resulted directly in conversion?
    • Which sources do the users go through before they convert?
    • Who exactly are the users that convert?
    • How long is their journey?
    • What different products/services/goods the same user buys?
    • Who are the users who buy certain products?

How To Group by Conversions?

The grouping by reports feature is available in two contexts:

  • In the general category view

  • In the report for the specific campaign.

Use cases

  • Visitor journey: Get a complete overview of every event tied to a specific click ID.

    1. Click the Conversions category and select the Click ID option.
    2. Click on a given click ID to expand.

  • View conversions for a given postback parameter: View every conversion tied to a specific postback parameter (if you use one). Postback parameters are parameters that you can use to pass some additional information about your conversion. There are 5 postback parameters available, from param1 to param5. Read the Parameters in Postback URLs article to learn more.

    1. Click the Conversions tab and select one of the postback parameters from the drop-down menu.
    2. Click on a given parameter's value to see all the conversions tied to it.

  • View conversions for a given custom variable within campaign report: You can see all the conversions that are tied to a given custom variable (that are passed from a traffic source) within the report of a specific campaign. To learn more, read the Pass Information from a Traffic Source to Voluum article.

    Voluum Note: This view is available only within the campaign report.

    1. Open a report for a specific campaign.
    2. Select a custom variable as the first grouping option.
    3. Select Conversions as the second grouping option.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Click the custom variable value to expand.

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