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Filtering by Workspaces

Voluum's Workspaces feature improves your day-to-day workflow also by allowing you to filter your content by Workspaces. By narrowing the view to selected Workspaces only you can focus on what is important at a given moment, compare stats between Workspaces and limit Workspaces available for selection when creating a new element to speed up your work. 

Use case 1: View data that is only important at a given moment.

If you want to focus only on some of your campaigns, you can switch off the visibility of other Workspaces in order not to get distracted. Workspaces you have filtered out will still be active and your campaigns in those Workspaces will keep running in the background.

Use case 2: Compare different Workspaces against each other.

Filter out all Workspaces except one and see stats for your campaigns there. Open a second tab in your web browser, sign in to Voluum and filter out all Workspaces except another one. You can now compare stats from those selected Workspaces in different tabs against each other.

Use case 3: See the performance of a given Worker

Do you want to see how your Workers perform? Select only those Workspaces that a Worker is exclusively assigned to and you will the only their stats.

Use case 4: Speed up creating and editing elements.

Are you using many Workspaces and are in need of creating several elements? Don't scroll through every Workspace there is while creating an element - filter out those Workspaces that you will not be needing for the moment and select Workspace for your new elements from a fewer number of Workspaces. 

How does it Work?

Because a campaign can only be held in the Private Workspace and all stats belong to the campaign they were generated by, that means that all stats have to be private. There are no stats that belong to the Public Workspace. The Public Workspace can hold campaign elements only, but not information on visits, clicks, conversions, and revenue.

When you select only some Workspaces to view, you will see stats from campaigns running in those Workspaces. Additionally, you will be able to see elements from the Public Workspace as well.

Changes in View

When you apply Workspaces filtering options you will notice that Voluum's content changes.

What will be affected:

Filtering affects the following Voluum content:

  • Stats: You will see data for selected Workspaces only.
  • Elements: You will see only elements assigned to those Workspaces that were not filtered out from viewing plus elements from the Public Workspace.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarked reports will only be visible if the data set they contain will not exceed the data set of selected Workspaces.
  • Dashboard: Stats and a chart in Dashboard will show data for selected Workspaces only.
  • CSV Reports: You will be able to export data from Workspaces that were selected for viewing.
  • Shared Reports: You will be able to share data from Workspaces that have been selected for viewing. Shared Reports that you have created previously will not be affected.
  • Workspaces to select when adding a new element: Whenever you create or edit a new element, you will be able to assign it only to Workspaces that were not filtered out.

What data will you see:

The data and elements you will see is the sum of data and elements from all selected Private Workspaces and elements from the Public Workspace. For example, if you have an offer in the Public Workspace that receives traffic from a campaigns in Private Workspace A and another one in Private Workspace B, then when Workspace B has been selected for viewing you will only see stats for traffic on that offer related to the campaign in Workspace B.

How long the filtering options will be saved:

Any changes to filtering options are saved throughout your session. When your session expires or you will sign out from Voluum, the settings will be reset to the default option and you will see every Workspacea again on your next sign in.

Visibility of the Public Workspace:

The Public Workspace's elements will always be visible and cannot be filtered out.

Filtering by Workspaces

The filtering option is available for all roles and for all Workspaces assigned to a user. If the user has a Worker role assigned with 3 Workspaces and the total number of Workspaces on the account is 10, then said user can filter Voluum's view by 3 Workspaces.

Filtering is applied globally and is accessible from any place in Voluum. In order to filter content by Workspaces, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, click the Workspaces list drop-down menu. The list of all Workspaces available for a user will appear.
  2. Uncheck the boxes next to Workspaces names you want to exclude from viewing or leave them checked to continue viewing them.
  3. Click the Apply button.

By default, all Workspaces that are available on your account are selected to view. The Workspaces list drop-down menu will display All Workspaces. If you select only some Workspaces, it will display the number of Workspaces selected (for example, it will say Selected Workspaces 2 if two Workspaces have been selected for viewing). When you select only one Workspace, the Workspaces list drop-down menu will display the name of that Workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find the answers below:

Will my traffic in the Workspaces that I have filtered out be affected in any way?

No. Using the filtering by Workspaces option only hides some content from viewing, it does nothing to the traffic flow or hidden element's setup.

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