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Migrating from Legacy Domains to the Dedicated Domain: Tutorial

Dedicated Domain is a top-level unique domain assigned to your account and provided by Voluum. The main advantage of using the Dedicated Domain is that the domain is not shared with other Voluum users. Every user has the different domain assigned what means that users build their own reputation and your traffic is not affected by other users. Additionally, setting up the Dedicated Domain is quite simple, even if you have used the legacy domain till now. The set of articles will guide you how to set the Dedicated Domain on your Voluum account.
I. Make Your Dedicated Domain a Main Domain

It is highly recommended to stop using the legacy domains and switch to the Dedicated Domain as soon as possible. This requires some additional setup, however you can benefit from it significantly, particularly when you do not have a Custom Domain. The guide presents you how to select the Dedicated Domain as a main domain in the Voluum platform and what additional changes it might require.

II. Update Your Landing Pages

While updating the domain in the Voluum's embedded URLs, you also need to modify the click URLs on your landing pages. The guide instructs you how to update your landing page's setup up-to-date in a way that you might use multiple different domains.

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