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I. Outside Voluum

There are several things you should prepare outside Voluum before setting up tracking:

A. An active Google Ads account

Set up a new Google Ads account with correct payment information if you don't have one.

  • If you don't have any campaigns running, you can set them up after you set up tracking
  • If you already have campaigns running, you will have to switch the destination link after you set up tracking

As Google does not allow redirects, you should use a direct method. This requires:

  • Putting a direct tracking script in a landing page, if you plan to use one.
  • Putting a direct tracking script on an offer page, if you plan to link directly to your offer page.

Adding a direct tracking script to a page is described in the next step.

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Make sure that offer pages are accessible and can handle the traffic.

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C. (Optionally) A landing page set

A landing page set up and publicly available on the Internet, if you plan to use one. You can link to your offers directly, without a landing page but you will have to implement a direct script for offers on an offer page.

Landing pages offer additional advantages:

  • More space for advertising content
  • Advertising additional offers
  • Traffic qualification in the form of quizzes or surveys

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D. Conversion tracking method selected

Conversion is when a visitor performs an action that is deemed valuable by the offer owner. To track conversions, you need:

  • A system capable of launching postbacks when a successful conversion occurs
  • An option to edit the page that appears after a successful conversion (a 'Thank you' page) to implement Voluum's conversion tracking pixel

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