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Get Started Guide for Ecommerce and In-house marketer

The following get started guide is best suited for marketers that promote their own offers:

  • Ecommerce shop owners
  • In-house marketing departments

The guide presents a scenario when a client's offer is promoted using Facebook Ads.

How tracking works

Voluum supports two tracking methods:

  • Redirect: This method directs a visitor through Voluum servers that in turn redirect a visitor again to their destination. This is the easiest method to implement, as it does not require editing web page's code. However, this method is banned by Google and Facebook, because they don't like visitor redirects.
  • Direct: This method uses special scripts that make requests to Voluum with visit info. These scripts need to be implemented on advertising pages. This method is compliant with Google and Facebook requirements; however, it does not allow you to rotate or shuffle these pages.

This guide presents the direct method of tracking with Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads).

Overview of the tracking setup

  1. You put direct tracking scripts that you get from Voluum on your advertising pages.

    • If you link from an ad to an offer page directly, you put the script on an offer page.
    • If you link to an intermediary page (lander, landing page), you put the script on that page.
  2. You set up conversion tracking. For your own offers, the easiest solution is to use a conversion tracking pixel, a script that needs to be implemented on a page that appears after a successful conversion ('Thank You' page).
  3. Integrate your Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads) account with Voluum. This integration gives you cost synchronization, passing conversions back to Google and auto-rules.
  4. Create a campaign in Voluum. This will provide you with a direct tracking link that you will submit as a destination link to Google Ads.
  5. Create a campaign in Facebook Ads and start advertising.

When a visitor clicks an ad, he or she will be directed to an intermediary page, called a landing page, or to an offer page. The script on this page will make a request to Voluum. When a visitor converts (for example, purchases a product), Voluum will record a conversion and pass it to Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads).

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