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Mobidea and Voluum

So you want to use offers from Mobidea in your campaign and Voluum as your tracking solution? No problem, Voluum and Mobidea work great in tandem! Configuration is super-easy on both sides and both solutions are complementary.

Voluum and Mobidea understand each other.

The following document will guide you through the straightforward process of adding an offer supplied by Mobidea in the form of Single Offer(s) or Smartlink. Don't know what those are and why should you care? Let's start with a quick recap of some basic terms.

What is Mobidea?

Mobidea is an affiliate network that can provide you with plenty of offers from the most profitable market in the affiliate marketing industry - the mobile phone market. In the post-PC era, smartphones are the main place of consuming content. And for spending money. So, if you want to be where the most interesting things happen, mobile affiliate marketing is the go-to place for you.

Mobidea provides offers in two forms:

  • Single Offer: You apply for a specific offer in Mobidea. Then you provide its link when creating an offer element as an offer URL in Voluum. Every time a visitor clicks your ad, this person will be directed to the same offer every time. If you want to use more offers in your campaign funnel, you can apply for several offers and create a corresponding number of offer elements in Voluum, each of them linked to the specific Single Offer.
  • Smartlink: An automatic offer selector. It shows the best performing offer for a given visitor based on visitor's country, device type, connection type and OS. Create only one offer element in Voluum and provide Mobidea's Smartlink as an offer URL in this element to benefit from its proprietary algorithm.

Want to learn more about the advantages or disadvantages of each method? Go to the web page to learn more. Or you can add two offer elements to Voluum, one with a Smartlink and one with a Single Offer and A/B test them.

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  • Having active Voluum and Mobidea accounts is a must, having a basic knowledge of both tools is helpful, as this article won't describe everything from A to Z, but rather from M to V.
  • In Voluum, you should already have a traffic source element created.
  • Also, you need to enable an SSL certificate for your domain, as it is required by Mobidea. Read the Enabling SSL for a Dedicated Domain article to learn more.
  • Outside Voluum, you should secure a steady flow of traffic - by creating an account in one of the many traffic source platforms.

Ok, so now we know what will be discussed. Read further to learn how to add a Mobidea Offer to Voluum.

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I. Get an Offer in Mobidea

First of all, you need to HAVE an offer to be able to SET UP an offer element in Voluum. First, you need to decide on the type of offer and go to the appropriate section.

  • Get a Single Offer

    1. In Mobidea, select the Affiliate network option and then click the Offers option from the menu on the left.

    2. Use the filtering options on the right to narrow down your search. Once you have set all the filtering options, click the Apply button.

    3. Click the offer name to go to details or apply for an offer immediately.

    4. Provide the name or URL of your traffic source, decide if you want to use your own pre-sales page (landing page), creatives and texts, tick the box that you understand and acknowledge rules listed on the right and click the Apply button.

That's it for now. You just have to wait for your offer to be approved. Only once it's approved you will be able to obtain the offer link.

You can always find offer that you have applied for or offers that were approved by selecting Pending and Approved filtering options in the Offers view. Once your offer is approved, go to that offer and copy its link by clicking the Copy link button or go to the offer details and copy this link for yourself.

Go to the second step to learn how to configure a postback.

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  • Get a Smartlink

    1. In Mobidea, select the Affiliate network option and then click the Smartlinks option from the menu on the left.

    2. Select the type of content you want to display:

And that's it for now. Really. The link was created. Copy the link to clipboard and go to the next step to learn how to add an affiliate network element in Voluum.

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II. Add an Affiliate Network Element in Voluum

Adding an affiliate network element allows you to manage your offers supplied by the same network with more ease and to automatically configure tracking tokens in your offer link. You only need to do this step once. After you add the Mobidea as an affiliate network in Voluum, you will be able to select it every time you create a new offer from Mobidea. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to Offers.
  2. Click the Create button and select the Offer option from a drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Mobidea template.
  4. Click the Next button.

  5. All tracking tokens are already provided. Change any other option according to your needs. Once you do so, click the Save button.

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III. Add an Offer to Voluum

Right now, you've got an offer from Mobidea, be that in a form of a Single Offer or as a Smartlink, and an affiliate network element added in Voluum. In this step we describe how to add an offer element to Voluum. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to Offers.
  2. Click the Create button and select the Offer option from a drop-down menu.

  3. Provide a meaningful name of your offer in the Offer name text field.
  4. Paste the copied offer URL from Mobidea in the Offer URL text field.
  5. Select the Mobidea affiliate network that you have just created.
  6. Copy the tag={clickid} parameter and add it at the end of your offer URL after the ? character. Your offer URL should look like this:|67890?tag={clickid}

  7. Copy the domain name from the Postback URL section. You do not need to copy the whole postback URL, as Mobidea will add all necessary tracking tokens automatically upon submitting your domain name.
  8. Click the Save button.

You have successfully added an offer from Mobidea to Voluum.

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IV. Configure Postback

Postback is the way servers communicate with each other to send information about a conversion. Mobidea has to know who to tell "Hey, somebody took your offer!". Configuring postback in Mobidea is very easy - this is where the understanding between Voluum and Mobidea comes into play.

You can set up global postback to Voluum in Mobidea settings. Click the cogwheel icon and select the Global postback optional from the drop-down menu:

Select the Voluum radio button and paste your copied domain name in the text field:

  • No HTTP or HTTPS
  • No tokens
  • Just the domain name

And you are good to go. Mobidea will now know where and how to send you information that a conversion has just occurred.

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Congratulations on completing this detailed guide. Now you have everything set up in a way that both platforms talk to each other and exchange information. Have more questions? Visit our Tracking section to learn more about setting up necessary elements for tracking purposes.

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