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Creating New Landers in Bulk

Adding new landers in bulk automates your work and boost the process of setting up online campaigns. With the Export/Import feature, you can import up to 250 landers and set them up in the campaigns immediately.

I. Download a CSV Template

To start the process of importing landers, you need to know how to provide data to the CSV file. Voluum delivers the CSV template to speed up the file preparation phase.

To get the Voluum template where you can add your landers, perform the steps:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.
  2. Go to the Landers. The Landers view will show up.
  3. Click the Export/Import > Import new Landers drop-down button. The Import new Landers form will show up.
  4. Go to the first step of the importing process and click the CSV template button to download the CSV file with a predefined file structure.


    Voluum Tip: You need to follow a data pattern implemented in the Voluum platform to be able to upload many landers at once. It is highly recommended to always use the CSV template while importing landers in bulk.

  5. Save the Voluum CSV template locally on your machine.
II. Fill out the Template with Your Landers

Once you have got the CSV template that is suitable for the Voluum's data structure, you need to fill it out with data:

  1. Open the downloaded Voluum template with a CSV editor that works best for you.

    Voluum Note: Each property of the lander needs to be separated with a semicolon. If you edit the CSV file in one of the text editors, you will be able to see the semicolons while editing it.If you edit the CSV file with Excel, you need to pay attention to the delimiter setting set locally on your machine. If Excel uses as separators semicolons, then each property is located in a separate Excel column.

  2. Add entries for your new landers following basic rules listed below:

    1. The file must be properly formatted CSV and saved using UTF-8 character encoding.
    2. One CSV file can contain up to 250 landers. It means that there should be up to 251 rows in the file - the first row is dedicated for a description of columns.
    3. One lander is represented on a separate row in the CSV file.
    4. In the file, each row must end with a line break.
    5. Each column must be separated with a semicolon.
    6. Offer's properties are added according to a certain pattern delivered within the Voluum template.

      Before you start editing the CSV template, it is highly recommended to read more about the Voluum's data structure and how the landers should be added to the CSV file:

      Bulk import: A CSV Template with New Landers

    7. Note that only certain pieces of information are required, and they are associated with the required fields in the offer's form in Voluum. Other properties might remain blank. However, if you leave the optional properties blank in the CSV file, the values of the properties will be respectively overridden with the default Voluum's values. For example, if you leave the Country code property blank in the file, the Country setting in Voluum will be set to Global.

      Lander's name: {your_unique_custom_name} ; # Property required

      Lander's URL: {your_offer_URL} ; # Property required

      Number of offers: {number_of_offers_for_the_lander} ;

      # If blank, the number of offers will be set to 1

      Country: {two-letter_country_code} ; # If blank, the value will be set to Global

      Tags: {tags_separated_by_spaces} ;

      Lander workspace ID: {lander_workspace_ID} ; Property required, if the workspace feature enabled. Leave it blank if you want to add to the public workspace or feature is not active

      You can take a look at a sample lander added to the CSV file while being edited with Excel:

  3. Save the CSV files with all new landers locally on your machine.
III. Import the CSV File to Voluum

When you have finished adding the landers to the CSV file, you only need to upload it to the Voluum platform.

To upload the file, you need to go back to the bulk import form for landers and select the CSV file:

  1. Sign in to Voluum.
  2. Go to the Landers. The Landers view will show up.
  3. Click the Export/Import > Import new landers drop-down button. The Import new landers form will show up.
  4. Click the Start importing button in the form (bottom right screen). The file upload screen will show up.
  5. Select the prepared CSV file and upload it to Voluum.
  6. Wait until the CSV file will upload to Voluum. If any data is provided inaccurately, a list of errors will get displayed in the bulk import form. You will also find tips how to correct rows with the offers in the file to make it work properly.
  7. Once the CSV file is uploaded to the Voluum platform, click the Import button (bottom right screen). You should see the message that the process of importing offers in bulk has finished successfully. All offers should be added to Voluum and displayed in the Landers view.
  8. Click the Close button in the Import new landers form. You have successfully added the offers to the Voluum platform.

What to do if I have more than 250 landers to be created?

If you need to add more than 250 landers to the Voluum platform, you need to prepare CSV files with a set of 250 landers each and repeat the process of uploading the CSV files until you add all the landers you want to have to Voluum.

Is there any maximum size of the CSV file that can be uploaded?

Yes, you can upload the file with a maximum size up to 5 MB.

Can I remove landers that I have added in bulk?

No, you cannot remove them. In general, you cannot remove entities in Voluum. If you do not need to use landers, you can always archive them.

Can I add any other elements in bulk to Voluum?

Yes, you can add or modify other campaign elements. It allows you to work with up to 250 campaign elements at once. For more information, go to the Export / Import article.

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