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Track Conversions

Setting up tracking conversions is a good practice. After all, conversions mean payout. Tracking conversions will allow you to know how much money you have earned. It is also the best information about how your campaigns are performing. With conversion tracking set you can also use Voluum AI to manage traffic distribution in your campaigns.

Different Ways of Tracking Conversions

You have two ways to track conversions. Choosing one over another will most likely be dictated by your affiliate network platform. If they only support it, use a server-to-server postback URL method. It is the most reliable and safe. If you cannot use it, you have a conversion tracking pixel at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

How much time I have to record conversion after visit?

You can record a conversion for a visit within 180 days.

What is the difference between postback and tracking pixel and which one should I use?

Postback is a way of reporting conversions server-to-server from an affiliate network to Voluum, while a conversion tracking pixel is a cookies-based method of tracking conversions of your own offers. If you source your offers from a third-party such as affiliate network, you should use postbacks and if you want to track your own offers, you should use a conversion tracking pixel.

How to delete a conversion?

You cannot delete a recorded event in Voluum. This includes a conversion. However, if you need, you can correct payout by uploading a conversion using the Conversion Upload feature in Settings and providing either a positive or negative payout value.

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