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Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools is an umbrella term for three distinctive features in Voluum: Workspaces, Multi-User, and Shared Reports. With these features, you can work with others on your campaigns, organize your work, create complex campaign management structures, or give read-only access to your data to the selected parties!


Workspaces in Voluum enable you to organize your work in a sophisticated way. Not only you can split your work overload into working zones, but you can also use them to segregate content via verticals or by customers.

How? The Workspace can be either private or public. The Private Workspace holds campaign's elements that can be connected only with other elements from that Workspace or with elements from the Public Workspace. You can use Private Workspaces to divide your campaigns by verticals, with shared campaign elements held in the Public Workspace. When creating a campaign in a given Private Workspace, you will be able to see and use only offers, landers, and other elements from that Workspace or from the Public Workspace.

When using the Multi-User feature combined with the Workspaces feature, you can invite other users with different roles to your account, limit their view only to their assigned Private Workspace, and allow them to collaborate on selected campaign elements in the Public Workspace.


The Multi-User feature allows you to invite other users, give them roles with different sets of permissions, and assign them to Workspaces. This allows you to delegate your workload to other users while keeping sensitive information separated from each other.

The Multi-User feature is available on selected pricing plans only.

Shared Reports

The Shared Reports feature enables Voluum users to provide a read-only access to a predefined set of data to other parties outside Voluum through a shareable link. Opening and viewing the shared report requires only a web browser and a stable Internet connection.

Shared Reports are available on selected pricing plans only.

To learn more how the Collaboration Tools feature can help you with your everyday work in Voluum, read the Collaboration Tools: Use Cases article.

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