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Voluum Update Policy

The Voluum team works very hard to ensure that all required updates enhance your experience with the Voluum platform and do not affect your daily work at all. The updates or new functionalities are fully tested and verified before going to the production environment.

Voluum’s robust infrastructure is based on Amazon Web Services for enterprise-level deployment to successfully utilize the product and its features. Our proprietary database technology is served via an advanced cloud network of nine strategically placed data centers. The unison of Voluum’s proprietary database technology and its dedicated secure cloud network means that large amounts of real-time data are accessible anytime, anywhere.

With easily accessible, rich, live data, Voluum empowers our users to seamlessly analyze, optimize and, subsequently, monetize their campaigns. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that one of Voluum’s data centers experiences some downtime, all traffic will then be redirected to the nearest data center, meaning that your campaigns are always live and clicking.

Besides that, the Voluum platform relies on other third-party services that might also implicate changes in the environment. Those services are exclusively selected to suit the best Voluum technology and deliver the best quality solutions available on the worldwide market. Those integrated services provide their own updates in the software that, as a result, propagates to Voluum. The Voluum team monitors all integrated services and changes implemented by the third-party systems.

Below you can find a list of the third-party solutions that are integrated with Voluum and how their updates are handled by the Voluum team.

Updates on a Regular Basis

Voluum regular updates are performed not only to use the most up-to-date information for your campaign funnels, but also to prevent stalls, crushes, and all kinds of things that might have even a slight impact on your superior user experience.

The following third-party services are used to make updates on a regular basis:

  • Digital Element: This is an IP geolocation provider that houses the complete and accurate data for countries, states, cities, connection types, and ISP / carriers. In other words, Digital Element's technology is used to identify an IP address from which a user connects to the Internet and how the connection is set. For more information on the Digital Element provider, go to the website.
  • Udger: This is a high quality and up-to-date database that is used to detect parameters such as brand, model, browser, browser version, desktop OS, and desktop OS version. For more information on the Udger user agents analysis, go to the website.
  • Wurfl: The database is used to detect parameters such as mobile OS and mobile OS version. Moreover, the Wurfl information detection allows combining the data from the Udger database for the brand and model parameters. For more information on the Wurfl device detection, go to the website.
  • GoGetSSL: The automated system to quickly validate a domain SSL certificate. For more information on the GoGetSSL domain validation, go to the website.

Voluum Info:  The Voluum team makes every effort to introduce all updates without any harmful impact on your side. However, updates made by the external services are implemented independently, thus they might introduce unexpected changes in the software. This hardly happens, but if so, the Voluum team informs you about that by displaying information in the platform's panel.

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