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  • Gets their offers from third party affiliate networks such as Clickdealer
  • Gets traffic from ad networks such as PropellerAds
  • Tracks visits using a redirect method since it allows them to rotate landers and use rule-based paths
  • Tracks conversions using a postback URL, because most affiliate networks support this solution
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  • Promotes offers for their customers
  • Uses a platform with global reach such as Google Ads
  • Tracks visits using a direct method as Google doesn’t allow for redirects
  • Tracks conversions using either a postback URL or conversion tracking pixel, depending on what is available on the customer side.
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  • Promotes their own offers
  • Uses paid social traffic source such as Facebook
  • Tracks visits using a direct method as Facebook doesn’t allow for redirects
  • Uses conversion tracking pixel to track conversions, as own offers don’t have a postback solution implemented.
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Voluum Tip: You can also learn how to set up a simple campaign in one go using QuickStart.

Learn Another Way: Affiliate Academy

Before you continue with this guide, we would like to invite you to Affiliate Academy - a series of free 3 online courses with videos, PDFs, reading materials and quizzes that cover the topic of affiliate marketing extensively.

  • Course 1 is more focused on the industry, explaining how things work and what you need to start. We will show you how to choose your niche, find your first offer, and buy ad traffic.
  • Course 2 is more practical, it shows you step-by-step how to create a working campaign funnel. You will learn how to register to the essential affiliate platforms, how to integrate them, and – most importantly – how to create, test & track your campaigns!
  • Course 3 is for more advanced users that have launched a campaign but didn't get any significant numbers. You will learn how to optimize your campaign, craft the best ads and write the best headlines!

Affiliate Academy is an alternative to this Get Started guide. You can register for free, and once you finish, you will get a certificate! Or you can continue with this guide that offers the shortest way of getting to know affiliate marketing with Voluum.

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