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Parameters in Postback URLs

When using the postback URL, Voluum requires specific parameters for conversion tracking to work correctly.

cid Parameter (Required)

The cid is dedicated to passing Voluum’s click ID. The parameter is required to track the registered event. During each campaign visit, a unique click ID is added to the offer URL, to a network (server-side). If, later, the click ID is relayed back to Voluum via a server request, a conversion is recorded successfully in the origin Voluum campaign. Also, when a conversion is reported in a Voluum campaign, all primary visit attributes for the associated user are correlated within the reporting.

For a postback request to be resolved correctly, a valid Voluum click ID must first be sent and captured by a supplier of an offer, usually an affiliate network platform or other, for it to then be relayed back to record the conversion in Voluum.{clickid}

The offer’s source has its own dedicated parameters for receiving the Voluum click ID (s2 in the above example), along with any additional data for each click sent to an offer. Each parameter also has its own corresponding token (network side) that enables referencing the data recorded for each click.

The conversion ID (cid) is matched to the visit ID with certain attributes such as device type, operating system, geo etc. The most important part to register conversions correctly is to match the click ID in the offer URL with the token used in the related postback URL. To do so, check the affiliate network documentation to make sure that you use the correct token.

payout Parameter (Optional)

The payout parameter is used to pass the revenue amount per conversion. There are two available options for tracking conversion payout in Voluum: Auto or Manual. Auto payout tracking is available when a dynamic payout token or fixed value is used in your postback URL. Payout tokens/values are appended to the payout= parameter found in the Voluum postback URL’s query string.

To find out more about the payout options in Voluum, go to the Tracking Payouts article.

txid Parameter (Optional)

The txid parameter is used to pass a unique transaction ID for each conversion. You can use a unique transaction ID value in a postback URL when you want to record secondary conversion steps, upsells, per visitor following the primary conversion. You can either manually define a transaction ID or pass it dynamically via a token supported by the offer’s source (affiliate network or other). Transaction ID tokens/values are appended to the txid= parameter found in a Voluum postback URL/pixel query string.

To learn how to set up upsells in Voluum, go to the Upselling: Tracking Subsequent Conversions article.

et Parameter (Optional)

In the postback URL, you might also use the et parameter that is used to track different conversion types. However, the parameter requires an additional setup that you can configure in the Settings > Custom conversions tab.

For more information on this topic, go to the Custom Conversions guide.

currency Parameter (Optional)

If you want, you can use the currency parameter to pass the information about a payout currency with each conversion. Note that this will override the currency setting set in an offer.

Additional parameters

If you need to send additional information via the postback URL, you can use the param1, param2, param3, param4, and param5 to pass any information from an affiliate network with a token. Just add this additional parameter with an appropriate affiliate network token or value and Voluum will record it.

Additional parameters are available after enabling the Include additional parameters in the postback URL toggle.

Voluum postback URL setup include additional parameters

Once recorded, the additional information passed using additional parameters can be viewed in the Conversions view after enabling appropriate columns.

Additional postback parameters visible in Voluum reports

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