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Voluum Tracking Tokens

The list below provides the complete list of all Voluum Tracker dynamic tracking tokens with a description.

You can modify values passed in these tokens using Token functions (for Profit pricing plan and above).

{clickid}Voluum click ID value
{externalid}Click ID assigned by a traffic source platform
{externalidparameter}External ID type
{}Token for passing click ID value to a traffic source with a postback URL
{payout}Offer payout value
{cost}Visit cost value
{}Campaign ID value
{}Campaign name
{}Traffic source ID
{}Traffic source name
{device}Device type
{brand}Device brand
{model}Device model
{browser}Browser name
{browserversion}Browser version
{os}Operating system name
{osversion}Operating system version
{country}2-letter country code
{countryname}Country name
{isp}Internet service provider name
{connection.type}Connection type
{carrier}Mobile carrier
{ip}IP os a visitor
{referrerdomain}Referrer domain
{}Transaction ID passed from an affiliate network
{var1}Custom variables matched with traffic source's tokens from {var1} to {var10}
{var:variable name}Custom variable name
{eventType}Custom conversion event type
{conversion.cost}Cost of a conversion
{}Workspace ID
{}Workspace name
{}The ID of a path used in a campaign
{useragent}Visitor's user agent
{trackingdomain}Tracking domain name
{referrerdomain}Referrer domain name
{postbacktime}Postback time
{payout.currency}Currency of the payout
{param1}Additional postback parameter from 1-5
{}Name of the path

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