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Smart rotation

Smart rotation is a feature that adds extra logic to how paths, landers or offers are selected for the visitor to view. It ensures we rotate over any paths, offers or landers that the visitor hasn’t seen yet, before showing the same lander/offer again.

Smart rotation can be used in conjunction with Traffic Distribution AI or weights.

How does it work?

The standard way of selecting an element (for example, a path) for a visitor works as follows:

  1. If there are three paths in the campaign, a visitor gets assigned one path at random with equal probabilities. If there are weights or AI involved, the probability changes, but still the visitor ends up on one of the three paths.
  2. Once they go through the campaign URL for the second time, they take part in the same draw with all the elements included. The visitor again may end up on one of those three paths assigned at random, or according to weight's probability or AI's decision.

Now, with the Smart rotation enabled, the whole process looks different.

  1. The first time a visitor goes through a campaign URL, seemingly nothing changes. They again have the same chances of getting one of three paths assigned.
  2. The second time a visitor goes through the same campaign URL, Smart rotation removes the path that was previously assigned to the visitor from the draw. If the visitor was directed towards path 1 in the first step, now their only options are to go along path 2 or path 3. If AI or weights are enabled, the probability of selecting one of those two remaining paths is governed by them but this doesn't change the fact that the path that was initially selected for the user will not be available on the second visit.

    Voluum Note: If weight is set to 0, the given element is excluded from Smart rotation. If weight is set to 0 for all elements, Voluum will draw from all elements.

  3. If there is a third visit, a visitor will automatically be directed towards the one remaining path. Once a visitor goes through all available paths, Smart rotation turns off and each consecutive visit follows the standard procedure.

    Voluum Note: If Smart rotation is enabled for both paths and landers/offers, and the first one runs out of paths to show, smart rotation for offers/lander will still be active until it shows all available elements.

Smart rotation uses the same mechanism as for counting unique visits and clicks. In short, it's either information left in cookies or data from server's cache.

Smart rotation can be used for the following elements:

  • Paths
  • Offers
  • Landers

The smart rotation stops when all elements are showed.

Setting up Smart rotation

Smart rotation can be enabled in Voluum advanced campaign settings.

  1. In Voluum, create or edit the campaign.
  2. In the DESTINATION tab, check the Smart rotation box next to either path or lander & offer.
  3. You can use smart rotation independently of other path alteration features such as Traffic Distribution AI or weights.

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