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Adding a Default Path

Default paths do not have any traffic-targeting options. A single default path is always required in the flow. To make the setup consistent, the default path is added following the same pattern as for the rule-based path except for the rule configuration.

I. Provide Path Details

You need to add at least one default path where all traffic that does not match any criteria will be redirected to. If you do not want to add the rule-based path, all traffic will be redirected along the default path(s).

At first, you need to provide basic information to define the path.

  1. In the Default paths section click the New path subsection to see the path's details.

    Voluum Info: Every time you add a new path, a default path's name is set to New path.

  2. Provide a name in the Path name field. The path's name does not need to be unique, however it is highly recommended to provide the name that will be clear in a further setup.
  3. If required, change the value of Redirect mode. This value will be applicable only for the selected path and will not override the global value in the flow setup.
  4. Next, you select to add the offer (lander), hover over the Select offer (Select lander) section and select the entity from the drop-down menu.

    Voluum Info: If you have only offers in your campaign funnel, select the Direct linking checkbox. This will exclude landing pages from the campaign funnel.

II. Set Weights of the Path and Offer(s) / Lander(s)

The weight concept works in exactly the same way as for the rule-based paths. The automatic values of weights are assigned every time when the entity (path, lander, offer) is added.

To manually adjust the entity's weight, click the weight value and provide its value in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

What’s the purpose of path's weight?

Path's weights manage the way traffic is distributed between offers, landers and paths. You can set higher weights to these elements to make sure that they get more traffic than elements with a lower weight.

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