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Add a Traffic Source to Voluum

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I get 'Unknown' value in a site custom variable?

The "unknown" for the site custom variable means that there is no information about the site for a given visit. There may be couple of reasons for that:

  1. Bot traffic
  2. Test traffic.
  3. Test traffic from a traffic source
  4. Somebody entering the campaign from outside (not from the Traffic Source side).

Either way, if you want to filter them out of your campaign, you can use our Traffic Filters feature. Thanks to it, you can filter out the IP numbers or ranges along with the User Agent of the users. Then, you will not see them in your reports. But how to get to know which IPs / UAs are responsible for the "unknown" site? Now, the easiest way is to generate the Traffic Log report showing the raw data of the visits (with IPs and UAs) - then, you can use them for the IP / UA filter.

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