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Managing multiple campaigns 24/7 may be a hassle even for experienced marketers. That is why Voluum introduces Automizer: a built-in campaign automation tool that takes a bigger portion of campaign management off affiliates' shoulders.

How Does It Work?

Voluum Automizer is a set of features designed to automate typical affiliate tasks and reliably pass information between platforms.

  • Full Integration: This feature allows you to seemingly integrate selected traffic sources with Voluum using an API connection. The integration enables sending cost information to Voluum directly, as well gives Voluum the ability to control your campaigns from that traffic source. The control is done either from within Voluum panel or via Rules.
  • Rules This feature allows you to create logical rules that launch predefined actions when set conditions are met. Rules require you to have an integrated traffic source and at least one matched campaign, either automatically or manually.
  • Whitelists / Blacklists in Automizer This feature allows you to define and manage lists of dimensions. A dimension is a traffic source's custom value, such as widget, placement, creative, or other. You can use these lists in rules as a condition. Such a rule will activate whenever a given dimension is or is not included in the list.

Voluum Note: Controlling your campaigns with Rules requires integrating a supported traffic source first. However, you can apply some rules to campaigns with non-integrated traffic sources. These rules are: Notifications for campaigns and offers and Assigning markers to custom variables.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Since April 2023, the pricing plans for Automizer look as follows:

  1. Tracking ZEROPARK traffic with Automizer is FREE for all users regardless of the ad spend.
  2. For other traffic sources, you can track up to $1,000 in ad spend per month for FREE! If you exceed the limit, we will charge you with small overages amounting to 1% of the additional ad spend you used.
  3. Table 1. Automizer pricing

    The remaining upgrade options look as follows:

    Ad spend level

    Number of rules

















If you want to fully benefit from Automizer, you can upgrade your ad spend limit using the Upgrade Automizer button.

Voluum upgrade to Automzier

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Where Can I Find the Automizer?

You can navigate to the Automizer by signing in to Voluum and clicking the AUTOMIZER button on the left-hand

Voluum Automzier tab

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How To Use The Automizer?

The core of Automizer's functionality is controlling your campaigns with Voluum's Rules. This requires you to integrate a supported traffic source first.

1. Integrate a traffic source

Here is the list of supported traffic sources:

The detailed instructions about the integrations are provided in each article about a specific traffic source. The general instructions are as follows:

  1. Obtain an API key from your traffic source platform. Typically, it can be found in your account settings or is available at request.
  2. In Voluum, go to the Automizer module.
  3. Go to the Integrations tab.
  4. Click the Add integration button.

    Voluum add integration
  5. Select a traffic source that you want to integrate and click the Add integration button.

    Integrated traffic sources list in Voluum
  6. Provide the API key that you have obtained from your traffic source in the API token text field.
  7. Click the Add integration button.

    Integrate screen in Voluum

You can also perform an integration from the Voluum Settings and while adding a traffic source or affiliate network from the list above.

2. Create a Rule

Rules are constructed like logical sentences that:

  • For selected ENTITIES (campaigns, offers, custom variables)
  • Launch set ACTIONS
  • When all CONDITIONS are met
  • Within a given TIME FRAME

Setting up a Rule is described in the Rules article.

3. Check for conversion status

For traffic sources that use API to upload conversions (currently Google and Facebook), you can check the status of the conversion - if it's been uploaded successfully or where there any problems with it. Conversion statuses are described in the Conversion Status article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You might find answers below:

Where can I check how much in ad spend I am tracking monthly?

You can easily track it in two places in your Voluum panel. In the “Automizer” tab:

Voluum integrated cost limits

...and in the Billing & Subscription tab:

Voluum subscription details view

I tracked more than $1K in ad spend monthly. What will happen? What should I do?

If you exceed your $1K ad spend limit, your cost integrations & action-related rules (e.g. pausing/activating campaigns, bid-changing) will continue to work. You will be charged with overage fee according to details on the pricing page.

What is Automizer?

Automizer is Voluum's module for integrating selected traffic sources with Voluum through API, which allows for passing cost and other data, and creating auto-rules.

What actions in Automizer will work without traffic source integration?

Automizer can launch certain actions even if a traffic source is not API integrated. These actions are: alerts, lists, markers.

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